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Updated on August 28, 2014

The next morning I woke up bright and early and made my way over to the house. I knew my father wouldn't be there. As I expected, my mother was home. But I managed to slip by her. She was typing her new book so she was distracted and didn't notice that I had come home.
I quietly closed my door and started packing my bags. I only grabbed a handful of clothes. A little bit of make up, a pair of sandals, a pair of thongs and my favorite pair of heels. When that was done I quietly walked them to the car, then came back in. This time I didn't sneak around. I walked back up to my room and grabbed my laptop and chucked a few pens in my bag and grabbed all my school books, and grabbed my stack of money that I had put away from my parents over the years. Then made my way down stairs. I then stopped infront of my mother.

'Hello mum. '

'Darling your home,' She smiled up at me.

'I had to get a few things. I'm going to go to school and see what I can do. '

'OK darling.' I turned and started to walk towards the door.'Amanda, I love you. '

'I love you to'

I took of as soon as I hoped in my car. I didn't want to have to bump into my father. In five minutes I arrived back at my new house and I found Tom was still here. Tom helped me put my things in the pool house and I told him I was going to take him to school because I wanted to see the principal.
When we arrived at school, I left Tom and went straight to the office. And when the principal saw me she didn't look happy to see me. But I begged for her to just listen to what I need to say.

'Fine, come in.' She told me.

'Thank you, ' I smiled. . .'I am truly sorry for my actions. And I ask if you could rethink your decision'

'Amanda. .'

'Please, have you ever had a best friend steal your boyfriend, then thinks she had the right to call you a slut. Danila was the only one that I. . .'

'I can. I was your age, and my best friend had been sneaking around for months before I found out. It wrecked me for years.'

I could tell that it still haunted her. And that made my heart squeeze. Because I didn't want to be hurting for Danila the years that my principal had been hurting for her ex boyfriend.

'Please, let me come back. Let me have detection,' I begged.

The principal looked at me for what felt like it could have been minutes. But I think it had only been seconds.

'Ok. You can come back, but the deal is that you attend detention each lunch break for a week.'

'Thank you'

The bell then rang. So I didn't stick around. I left for my first class. And as I walked into the class room I heard the whole class cheer. I looked up to find that the cheers were for me. I was stunned, because I haven't had attention like that since I was friends with Zoe. I was popular when we were friends. But now that I wasn't friends with Zoe, she had taken all our friends with her. The only ones who stuck with me was Tom and Danila. But now I think I had lost Danila completely now. And that is killing me, just thinking that.

I didn't make a big deal and slowly made my way to my desk. I ignored the cheers and started to scribble some ideas for my next book. About a minute later, I felt someone sit beside me. And when I looked, I should have known who it was. It was Danila. I should have known because every time I was near Danila I would always get this funny feeling like butterflies in my belly. And I didn't have to see him to feel it. He could be behind me and I would still feel it.

'Tom told me you got suspended, ' Danila said.

I think he wanted to talk to me and he didn't know how to start the conversation.

'I did. I begged if I could come back.'

It was silence then. I was actually greatful. Because I didn't know how to talk to him after I saw him with Zoe yesterday.

When the bell rang I gathered my things and started to get up, but Danila lightly touched my hand so I would stop. It gave me a rush of electricity up my arm, and I knew I would never forget that. And I would always welcome it.

'I heard you are staying with Tom, '

I looked Danila in the eyes and I could see hurt. But there was something else there too. Betrayal maybe. I wanted to laugh because he thought Tom and I were now together. But he was totally wrong. It made me a little mad.

'Whatever your thinking, your wrong. . . My father slapped me, so I ran out. Tom said I could stay at his house. So I stay in the pool house.'

I swore when I mentioned that my father had slapped me, I saw Danila's eyes harden. I knew that Danila had not liked my father, , him knowing that my father hit me, I could see that he wanted to go and see my father.

'I'm not going back, don't worry about it. Especially since your with Zoe now.'

And with that I hoped up and left. My next class is biology, I was debating if I should just go to the library and skip class because I knew I would be stuck with Zoe as a partner. But I decided to suck it up and go. I took my time and when I finally got there I saw the teacher arranging the seats. And to mine an Zoe's shock the teacher had paired me with Danila. And Danila's old partner was paired with Zoe. And of course Zoe tried to get the teacher to change his mind.

'This is final,' the teacher raised his voice.

I saw Zoe pouted as I walked over to my new desk, where Danila was standing.

'Why did Mr Gibbs swap?'

'Because I asked him too.'

'Why?' I asked. I knew that he still loved me. But I couldn't work out why he chose me and not Zoe who he was supposed to be with.

'Because I want nothing to do with her. You know I can't stand her'

I knew that, but what I saw yesterday in the hallway I didn't know what to believe. . . I didn't say anything, and went on with our work. I know it was my chance to get Danila back. But I was too confused about everything. And if I had to leave soon to start my next movie roll. I couldn't expect Danila to leave school and follow me. I knew he would, if I asked him to. But I didn't want to ruin his schooling.

A few times I felt Danila watching me. But I didn't look back. It was because I was too scared what I would see. I knew there would be love in those beautiful endless dark brown eyes. But I had A feeling that I might see passion. Maybe other things that I don't think I was ready for.
Every now and again our hands would brush against each other. And every time I would have that electric feeling run up my arm. I asked Danila once-the second week into our relationship-if he ever felt it. And he said he did. I also asked him did he know why and he simply replied that it was because we were soul mates. I didn't know if I believed him back then. But now, I knew he was right.

I avoided Danila the rest of the day. There was something that was telling me that I couldn't get back together with him yet. I knew it wasn't just about me going away soon. It was something else. Something in my stomach that told me 'Not yet,'
And it was such a strong feeling I could help but listen to it.

In my pool house, which I thought it was pretty cool to have, I threw myself on the bed and stared up to the ceiling. Then began thinking about what should I do. Should I still take the movie and leave? Or should I quit it and be with Danila? What about school?
The last question was easy to answer. I didn't care much for it. And I already had a career, that I wanted so I didn't need it. But the first two questions. They were giving me a headache. And making me feel sick.

I just wished that life was easier. But I suppose you don't always get want you want. Rich or not.
Tom joined me after an hour. He had homework to do. I was glad that I had Tom, because I felt like I could never be alone again. I was always going to have Tom near me. And I liked that. I think Tom felt the same way. It was like we were brother and sister. I remember begging my parents to have another baby, but they kept saying they were too busy. And somtimes I think it was an excuse to not have another one like me. They were really selfish that way.
Tom had a brother once. They were twins. But his brother died when he was eleven from a car accident. And losing his brother had scared him. And I think that was why him and Danila were so close. Except lately there had been some distance between them and I didn't know why. But I am going to change that.

'So Danila thinks that we are living together, ' I told Tom when he plopped himself on my bed.

'I wonder why? I mean how'd he know that you are staying here?'
So I got the impression that Tom didn't say anything. It made me wonder who knew and who told Danila.

'Tom, I want you to spend time with Danila. You two were so close and now I don't know. It's like you two are distancing. And I don't want that'

'I don't either, ' Tom looked down.

'Go and see him,'

'What about you? '

'I'm fine. I might even have a sleep because I feel a bit tired'

'I might do that then, 'Tom smiled at me.

And with that Tom left. And when I couldn't see him, I closed the curtains and climbed under the covers and almost instantly feel asleep.


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