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Updated on August 1, 2016

The plot

The lightning struck the white house and there was a guy looking like a creep,

Frank Underwood was discussing plans with his other freaks,

how to eradicate ISIS who had been public enemies,

and here comes a guy in a cloak where he shouldn't be,

"Who are you..?" Frank whispered in his suspicious speech,

"Lord Petyr Baelish from westeros, My lord" these words from his mouth leaked,

The congress was shocked to hear him speak,Frank was awestruck too with that squeak,

How can a man from medieval age be in this place, is that a dream..?

"I've been sent here to help you my lords", that petyr screamed,

"I know you've a lot of questions but just Imagine this scene,

The bigger problem is the Islamic State which we must clean"

He muttered this words and everybody seem to agree,

He proposed to help and the congress nodded thinking 'why not? it's free',

Petyr's win

Francis though asked as he couldn't hide his curio-sity,

"How do you know all this? And what help you can provide to this city?"

"Well, I was eavesdropping into your talk. All I could feel was pity.

I would love to clean up the mess from New york to Mississippi.

Let me go and meet the ISIS leader,

You all can relax let me be the dealer,

I know ways to manipulate people."

"You don't teach a snake to bite and be lethal"

"But here you are sitting with no results,

Give me a chance and I can remove your insult"

The congress saw no harm in giving what he wanted,

Those ideas finally underwood too granted,

It was Littlefinger's plan he wisely plotted,

Barged in to ISIS and made them an offer which they could not refuse even if they wanted,

He became a hero by solving this huge crisis,

Got a place in the white house by defeating ISIS,


Frank strikes

Stood there and with all of 'em had his say and ear,

But not frank, he knew this guy is not to enjoy here,

He confronted him, "Tell me, petyr, why exactly are you here?"

"You know frank, I want everything my dear."

"This ain't middle age,

the politics here has changed

This no more a puppy game with your eunuch friend you exchange

I am incharge, off to your world I can happily arrange,

So would you go quietly or like zoe barnes you wanna go strange...?"

"The times have changed but the politics have not,

I won't let you go out of my thought,

I may leave now but I'll be back,

the next time we have chat I'll be in that chair black"

Francis J Underwood

The truth

Petyr left but he never stopped his pursuit,

He changed himself and started wearing a suit,

He created chaos and used it to climb up huge,

Step by step he was reaching towards his fruit.

Mayor, Governor and in no time he was loud,

He was in President 's race cause he was loved by the crowd,

Though Frank sent a killer to end his game,

But the tables turned and he reminded that the politics have not been changed,

So they were on this debate of who has more fame,

All the people blindly followed them with no shame,

Meanwhile, the ISIS leader started killing again this time with a different name,

But frank and petyr were still brawling on whose crown it is to claim.

And I guess that's what we humans will always do,

We'll find new ways to kill and new ways to rule,

So there is no point in trying to improve,

Greed, hate and violence is just a part of us we'll have to just persecute.

Accept it we are never going to surrogate,

We were, are and will always be the same,

It might be harsh but I guess that's the truth,

This frailty of ours will be the reason of us getting poof.


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