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Freedom Tips

Updated on March 27, 2016

What is freedom?

What is freedom?
If not dangerous
What is pleasure in guilty conscience?
Of accountability – lacking past
Should one closes one’s eyes
But of noah, here could have been
But for the ark, only two leys
Would cease to be

At every anger, the rainbow appears
The rainbow of death
The death on the cross
The cross of the savior
Taking away our iniquity
That will might have a second chance

Who knows if the gift might wash us
And washed marvelously upon the sea
As men take grace for granted
And the land cries
I am weak
And agricultural goods diminishes
And a am sick, a price increase
I am weak, a price increases
I am tired, and a lot of corruption

Man’s inhumanity to man
Exposing nudity
Selling God’s images
For a plate of food
And pieces and silver
In the hotel room
And washed rubbing waist
Shoulder to shoulder
Hot pants against the feverish lions

Burying infant in the womb
Infant wasted by pill
And flushed in the water system
After the night of all night
Mummy you did this to me
And artificial barrenness emerge
In a bid to find solution

A sleep with dogs and monkeys
Upon the pronouncement of deceivers
And HIV appears
Spreading like wild fire
Why are you created?
To sleep with dogs and monkeys
Or pose to piece of silver
Or self – made sex

In explicable anti- Christianity
A sin worse than
Sodom and Gomorrah
Should God not judge the world now?
Don’t be tempted to sin
He should have apologized to
Sodom and Gomorrah
For Sodom and Gomorrah is hell
And the attribute of Sodom and Gomorrah
Is synonymous with hell
Don’t think their difference
The three person God
Is not asleep
And as soon as men

Start living a stainless life
They will influence other
Rather than envying sinners
For their stand marrow
Shadow of the world appears
As only the hunger ones
Drink the water which is life.


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