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Updated on August 9, 2009






If alone and forsaken

In a strange, unknown land

I shall be glad to know

My friends are always at hand.


The moon, when it shines

Reminds you of those times

When together with your friends

You sat discussing the latest trends.


The sun shining so bright

And the beauty of the night

Tells you that these are sights

Which you and your friends loved quite.


Destined, though you may be to part.

And live thousands of miles apart

Your hearts will never say

Let’s all go our own way.


For friendship’s the choicest flower

And the mightiest tower

It is the brightest hour

It is sweet yes, nee not sour


And as you walk through the maze

You see them through the haze

And as you stand still in a daze

They walk up to you for a quick embrace


And as you embrace them with all your might

With tears of joy blurring your sight

You’ll be forced to say I’m right

Friendship is forever, not for today, tomorrow or tonight.


Thus if alone and forsaken

In a strange, unknown land

I’m sure you won’t mind

For your friends will always be at hand.


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