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Frozen In Time

Updated on November 4, 2011

Mirrors only capture a reflection of what we are willing to see

Dark is light and this is my plight with

destiny on hold tied up with my soul.

I hadn't really noticed for I hang with

one kind those with the same mission

the blind leading the blind.

How long will I remain frozen in time?

Although I look I never really see cause my present reflection is non existent to me.

When I look into a mirror I see an image of my past before my life was place on

hold; before I became an outcast. I entered the forbidden world the land of the lost

souls where fashion never changes while time is on hold. How long will I remain

frozen in time? I have nighmares in the daytime over things I did at night. I hide

behind my fixed smile, the smile I traded for my sight, yet the world looking past

me in sorrow or in fright. My family wants to love me the old me before my plight.

When I look into their eyes the image is always the same, so I dance and tell

stories to hide my darkness and my pain. How long will I remain frozen in time?

I hold on to the past for it's the greatest part of me and that's how these mirrors

continue to trick me. What bothers me most about my frozen state is the dark

future I harbor and present condition I face. It feels like a dream, a dream which

I cannot wake, re-living the image of my past to keep my present erased. Till reality

creeps in to remind me of my fate and a chill covers my body as I begin to shake.

A comforting pinch rids me of this terrible, terrible outbreak. How long will I remain

frozen in time? If only I could acknowledge my life in its' present state I'd look into

these mirrors and cease my ominous fate. I prayed to heaven before one final

look, for a true dose of reality true reflection was what it took. As I look into the

mirror there is no denying that I see, me in my present state with the old no longer

lingering. I ask, how long will I remain frozen in time? Until time becomes no time l

ike the present time could ever be more genuine! Glory to GOD!


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