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Fabled Catechumen

Updated on July 21, 2011

Do we see the unseen
amidst the clouds of heaven

Or is it the translation wasted
as the recognition is lost

To be found in strangeness
or in license of revelation

Only dim reminders whose voice
considers only some truth

That one cannot find
in searching beyond the self

When it goes into looking's,
beyond itself and deep

Were languishments run forward
to hide in the ruins

Asking the brethren to risk
escape or delusion

Some, meeting others of the ilk
they see with eyes that see

And yet the passing of the person
is in to chambers full

Revealing kings children
are strangers unto themselves

Yearning still the obligations
of the royal priestly tribe

The fortunes still presented
are there for all to follow

Should the peace come with its price
of thirty pieces silver, save none


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