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Face Another Day

Updated on March 10, 2011

A poem by me

 This blade so cold, yet the friendly warmth withstand

my soul, so very old, that no control do I command

this pain runs deep, ever enduring of some demand

to fall into sleep, and awaken buried in life's sands

who am I at all, this person to which you see

afraid to make that heartfelt fall, and billow aimlessly in the breeze

what lies ahead, that partakes the very depth of me

born and I am bred, to drift forward endlessly

the sky growing black, my life's blood has been lost

I cannot look back, no matter what be the cost

hopelessly I wonder, this pain that I have caused

over headlines and under, when will this horror become paused

injected with life, my symptom feeding lust

buried into strife, my sword was born of rust

scarring gentle embers, this flame forms an empty bust

bleakness of Decembers, I've lost all cares of trust

decaying into madness, my mind will drift away

so much is my sadness, I've lost the words to say

away now I turn, to face an empty play

this fire will ever burn, as I face another day


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