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Face Book Maniacs

Updated on August 20, 2013

Face book Maniacs

I have decided to write this piece because am perturbed by the status by which people and especially teenagers around the world are becoming facebook maniacs at the expense of their own and the nation’s development.

This tendency is saddening considering that many sectors of the nation’s economy are either directly or indirectly affected. Taking the education sector for instance, students in high school and college level are graduating while half-baked. Reason? too much obsession with facebook. These people spend a lot of time chatting and contributing endlessly on face book on matters, which may not after all be very important. What is surprising is that some students go a long way to chatting while the classes are going on, and despite numerous warnings, they fail to change because they have been addicted to it.

Facebook has also affected the nation’s economy since many employees especially those using computers are engrossed on facebook most of the time when the immediate supervisors are not around. In fact, there are those who can only work when the immediate supervisors are around them. Otherwise, you will find them glued to their computers chatting endlessly.

Facebook has totally blinded some people such that they are not seeing the consequences, which such actions are causing even to their own well-being. Taking a good amount of time chatting without any financial reward should be questionable. Questionable because at the end of the day, you and your family need food and not only food but money for other expenses. What is more interesting is that face book employees are not allowed to have a face book account. Therefore, those addicted should think on why the management of facebook disallows its employees on having an account.

My closing point is that too much of something is dangerous, face book addicts should come to their senses and see the consequences of wasting time in unimportant matters at the expense of their life and the nation.


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