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Facing the Maker

Updated on January 6, 2014
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Facing the Maker

By Tony DeLorger © 2014

Heathens, honour thy new King,

he who stands between you and your God,

who invested in your God,

paving the way for your belief,

nurturing your devotion to compliance.

Heathens we all must be,

worshipping the fragments of false realities,

the deities of mass acceptance,

the faith of orchestration,

in all that appeases that gnawing ache for purpose.

The King is soon to ascend,

face his simple progeny, his experiments of Godliness,

taken from the hand of God,

into the realm of science and possibility,

into the realm of will and control.

This King is no deity at all,

just the mastermind of our intellectual rise,

the genetic fuel of evolution and of purposeful belief,

to contain and develop our commodity,

of use to far greater minds and intention.

God, the master of beginnings,

sees the King as just another form of possibility,

not benevolent or caring, led by intellect not emotion,

with an agenda in no favour to any other species,

just his kind alone.

We may be more evolved because of this King,

but he is in no way any God,

he is filled with self-interest and determination,

and in what capacity we remain in a future,

may be his to determine.

To he, we are true Heathens,

slow witted and predictable beings,

perhaps an advantage as allies,

weak and ineffectual as enemies,

which ever way ensues.

For now the world waits,

for soon the King and his kind will announce themselves,

and the world will hold its breath,

in anticipation of what will change,

bringing the world to a new order, an uncertain future.

God has in no way forsaken us,

we will simply learn that we are not alone,

and what we experience on earth is not unique,

free will reflected throughout the cosmos,

the choices of good and evil.

Change is coming, and acceptance is only possible through an open mind and heart.


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