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What Are Facts And Opinions?

Updated on December 21, 2016

Fact Verse Opinion

In society today there are plenty of facts and opinions on certain subjects. However, when it comes to telling the truth or trying to be a know it all. That is where our opinion comes in. Maybe it is because we want to make ourselves look smart, or maybe its just because we are too lazy to do some research for concrete evidence. When it comes down to offer an opinion, that just means that it is how we feel about the situation. Opinions are not facts, unless you literally are like a computer and can pull out all the information that you need. I understand we all are raised differently. Meaning some people were raised to give their opinion or blurt out even when they know nothing about what you are talking about. However, others were raised to do research or ask questions before you state an opinion or offer facts. Opinions at times could be write even if its due to a lucky guess. Although, you have no concrete evidence that it is true. At times in life we may get those lucky guesses. When you have that lucky guess around a friend or family member, and they ask "How did you know?" Do you lie and say that you have researched it before or do you have concrete evidence to back yourself up in that situation.

When it comes to facts, we often have to look up what we are wanting to discuss or talk about. Reason is that you do not want to blurt something out that you know nothing about. Where is the honesty in that? Research leads to evidence which means you have your facts in order to present it to someone or your team. No matter where you are at least you have your facts straight. A fact is a honest answer that is not offered by an opinion. A fact is something that actually exists and is reality or the truth.

I choose topics like these to write about because I am a firm believer that at times we can offer our opinions. However, there are times where we do not have knowledge or evidence in the area that may require facts. Opinions are good when asked for an opinion. You just never want to lead someone in the wrong direction when you have no idea what you are talking about because they are not facts.

Exclamation points often state an opinion
Exclamation points often state an opinion | Source

Random hub you may ask.

In regard to writing this hub, I have been presented with many questions in business, as well as life goals and questions on subjects that I am knowledgeable about. However, I never blurt out an answer. I like to have my facts straight before I answer any question. Unless I truly am certain that what I am going to answer has facts to support my answer. Knowledge on certain subjects in life are great. However, facts that support your knowledge are often the best. You can look up fact verse knowledge anywhere online and you will get many opinions. Some you may agree with and some you may not. Just keep your mind open to all of the different things you read and you will see that facts are often in regard to being honest. As to where opinions are just what you think it may be. Therefore stating it is not truth nor lie.

Being honest in life will bring positivity!
Being honest in life will bring positivity!


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