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Six One Piece Facts About Kaido

Updated on November 27, 2018
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Damir. Serbia. 22. Studies microbiology. In his free time he enjoys searching for new facts about favorite anime, TV shows or movies.

Kaido debuts in One Piece manga.
Kaido debuts in One Piece manga.

This character is one of the Yonko. The Yonko consists from four members who are the most notorious Pirate captains in the world. From this group, he was third to be mentioned by name (One Piece chapter 483 p. 6 and Episode 375) and the last one to debut (One Piece Chapter 795). According to the manga he is the "strongest creature in the world".

Long before his debut, Moria was the one to mention him as a "bastard" against who Moria would not loose if he had Luffy's shadow back then.

His name is Kaido of the Beasts and these are all facts we managed to find about him.

Kaido's first appearance when Garp talked about Yonko in One Piece chapter 432.
Kaido's first appearance when Garp talked about Yonko in One Piece chapter 432.

Just 24 chapters before Moria's talk about Kaido, in One Piece chapter 432 (p. 7) and Episode 316 Garp is shown talking about Yonko where we could see Kaido's silhouette. The way how Kaido was portrayed is different than how he was shown on his manga debut. In his first appearance he had a wide face, with a long pointy nose and sinister look. If compared Kaido's first appearance and the final design with how Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom) was presented, Kaido's final design had some continuity to his first appeareance since Eiichiro Oda kept his pointy nose and brow from the first appearance while that is not the case with Big Mom.

Kaido's epithet "Hyakujū" when is literally translated means "Hundred Beast". However, "Hyakujū" is more closer the meaning "All kinds of beasts" in Japanese language.

On his debut day everyone was stunned by his introduction. He was introduced as a man who was defeated seven times and captured eighteen times by the Yonko and the Marines. While being captured, he was given a death sentence forty times but no execution device was effective on him. And on top of that he sink nine prison ships.

His physical appearance left a huge impact on One Piece fans as well. As he was standing in front of Eustass Kidd, Scratchmen Apoo and Hawkins. He was at least four times taller than Kidd, who is as we know 205 cm (6'99'') tall.

Kaido stands in front of the members of the Worst Generation.
Kaido stands in front of the members of the Worst Generation.

With his horns and muscular figure, he reminds us of Oars and Little Oars Jr. What is more interesting, he has something like a tattoo of reptilian scale on his left arm. This led for too many theories involved with Fishmen. With his hair, mustache and horns he bears a striking resemblances of Avalo Pizzaro, who has become a member of Blackbeard Pirates after he got freed from Impel Down's Level 6.

There is one more small detail which is worth of talk and it is his belt. His belt is called shimenawa and it is used to denote that the area within it is important or sacred. Even though there is no significant meaning to it yet, for now it can be used as a visual cue to Japanese readers to emphasize how powerful and influential Kaido is.

It has been decided that Kaido's birthday is going to be on May 1st.

Avalo Pizzaro.
Avalo Pizzaro.

Kaido's first introduction

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