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Fading Away

Updated on February 4, 2014

Fading Away

You were always looking forward,

And dredging your perceived life long mud bottom.

Always worried of your legacy, identity, and future.

I stood in the marsh of your fading peripheral vision,

Alone and unnoticed.

I was willing and longing to give you all you value.

I stood like an iron skeleton lost and forgotten.

A relic out of view.

With a granite foundation rich in beauty and history,

Through storm tossed seas, ship wrecks, sand bars,

and dangerous reefs,

Oh how I loved you.

I stood in silence with the grander of castle like charm,

Invisible prominence,

And memories of your retreat.

Unidentifiable for decades I’ve stood modest in shallow estuaries.

Observing refuge in a ray of hope that twinkles away,

Back into time where loving me served only a purpose—

Of grounding on the shoals.

In a dismal crystal lens glowing like a diamond,

A breathtaking spectacle that connects my heart

Only to a beacon off shore,

Where our picturesque romance is living reminder

Of your abandonment.

As I navigate the entrance of consequence

I have fled the peaceful comfort of restored pristine.

I retire in confidence that

I will never find comfort in my hearts disaster.

But with only a remote reassurance of our loves renaissance,

Flowers flourish in the sun on sandy beaches.

The rose of paradise plucked then tossed astray,

And my scent rises fast and high

Begging for notice.

I stay on the screw pile

Looking for majestic light,

I stand here still loving you today.

Forever standing by you

Out of sight.

Fading away…..


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