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Fading Smile

Updated on May 2, 2017

He walks towards her, with flowers in his hands

She saw him approaching, on his finger their promise band

He saw her stare, her lips forming a smile

She was perfect and he was beguiled

He sat down beside her and gave her a kiss

She savoured the moment; the feel of his lips,

Oh! How she missed

He gave her a tight squeeze, a reassuring hug

The gesture, so simple, it gave her heart a tug

She stared at him for quite awhile

He know her mind is in a jumble, her problems stacked in a pile

They both stayed silent, soaking in each other’s essence

Comfortable, treasuring one another’s presence

He then turned and took her hand

She wanted to see the sunset, so at the window they stand

As dusk approaches, He gave her a surprise that was sweet

Entered a couple of men, they set up the fanciest dinner she could eat

After dinner, they talked and laughed

She knows until the end, he will always be her better half

The night went on, and then she told him she needs to rest

She kissed him on the cheek and told him, of all the nights this was the best

They prepared for bed, and they drifted off to sleep

In the middle of the night, He suddenly woke up, his heart took a leap

She was struggling, gasping for air

His eyes filled with tears and kept on thinking that life was not fair

He called for help and the doctors rushed in

She was fading in and out, and he was told the chances were slim

He was by her side throughout the ordeal

When she woke up, she said, “You’re strong, you will heal”

The cancer took her strength but not her grace

He accepted defeated, and knew this would be last battle they will face

She took him in her arms and gave him a long and gentle kiss

His eyes misted for he knew that this gesture he will greatly miss

She managed to sit for a second and told him it will be okay

He said she must lie back down, and they held hands as they prayed

She said it she really was tired and wanted to close her eyes

He knew it’s time but he said, “Hold on for a while, let’s watch the sun rise”

They stretch out in bed as dawn tinted the skies

He told her things that he knew will be pure lies

She then said, “let me slumber and after a moment I will wake”

He knew it was her goodbye, and he felt his heart slowly break

He told her to rest, and that the pain he can bear

She beamed and replied that was what she wanted to hear

He told her it will be hard, but he will continue to live

For her, for their kids, he will achieve the dreams they have weaved

She knew he will be ok, so slowly she went

He knew the moment the line fell flat that this moment he could not prevent

She left with a smile upon her once radiant face

Though she lost the battle, they all knew she won the race

As her breath slowly fade and she fell into eternal slumber

She finally had her break after years of battling cancer

It would take time for him to once again feel

They both knew it time he would heal

She went with a full heart and life filled with love

He sent her on her way knowing she would be guiding them from above

Despite the struggles they continued to be blessed

He realized now that what they meant when they say God only takes the best

He will continue to live her life for her just like he promised

He slowly stood up with newfound calmness

He let go of her hand with as he silently weeps

She will always be the angel his heart will forever keep


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