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"Fairy" - Villanelle Poetry

Updated on June 1, 2016


Again down she flies,
Swinging without fear.
She lies down and dies.

Speaks and says no lies,
No treason I hear.
Again down she flies.

A chance, whirl the dice.
Music is playing near,
She lies down and dies.

Goes to paradise,
Happy without cheer.
Again down she flies.

Broken wings she iced,
A terrible wound, so severe.
She lies down and dies.

She has been sacrificed,
And sheds a sad tear.
Again down she flies,
She lies down and dies.

Written by: SLY

The Inspiration

I would like to share a Villanelle written by my daughter when she was eleven years old; however, first, I need to pay homage to the person who inspired her to write it: Shelia Wilson, a fellow Hubber. She wrote a fantastic hub on Villanelle Poetry and what they entailed. It was so well explained, my daughter decided to take on the challenge and write a Villanelle herself.

If you would like to see the inspiration factor for my daughter, please visit the link below. Understand that I do not know this person, so I do not want to be held liable for anything she may post that you may not agree with; I just know that I am grateful for her because anyone who can inspire a child indirectly - is a person worth remembering!


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    • Aiden  Hill profile image

      Aiden Hill 5 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Wow this is amazing. I can't believe someone at 11 years old could write something like this. Quite beautiful. The picture too is stunning.

      I haven't wrote poetry like this since high school, I might have to go back and relearn how to write all these different types of poems.

      Awesome and thanks for sharing