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Faith Needs Understanding

Updated on April 13, 2014
The Puppet Master. Source:
The Puppet Master. Source:

Faith Needs Understanding

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Eventually we fall to our faith in people,

see the promise and not the jagged edges of battered life.

Being forgiving and optimistic people,

we can overestimate potential and overlook the facade,

the pretence of face, alluding to manipulation.

The world is filled with greed and those with corrupt aspirations,

predators who use their wiles to seduce the unsuspecting,

use them regardless of the impact of their plans.

These are the dark people, the shadows of humanity,

the deft propagators of negativity.

The meek are prey to these predators, putty in their hands.

They cannot see the darkness because it is foreign,

opposed to their thinking.

But life displays the gamut of possibility and humans a part,

revealing all that good and bad can express.

Being sceptical, suspicious and prudent are not negatives,

but necessities in a balanced world.

We can only open our eyes to possibilities, positive and negative,

because life is about both, not some utopian dream.

Reality is often harsh and needs understanding.

I will always look for the good in people, and find it,

all the time being aware that we are all dark in potential.

The more I think in the positive, the more I am surrounded by it,

But I can see the negative, waiting at the perimeter of consciousness,

ready for me to lose focus.

Be positive, but aware.


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