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Faith and HIV

Updated on January 1, 2013

How Faith works for those most sick.

Faith can be a word or even a feeling but most of all it can bring people together.

*As for the word sence it can be there and used as just a word with no meaning. Meaning nothing is hard but the way people use it at times can be that they are lost or coming to a cross road in there life.

*The feeling of faith is when you can feel it all around you even when you don't expect. It's like when you have not seen an old friend and when you do it's like the friend was never gone. When you are along and feel lost just call on your faith and you will see that it helps the soul.

*In the thought that it brings people together. Just sit and think about all those that have faith in the least of times and then in the most of times and only time can tell but faith plays a big role on the life of many.

In closing I will leave you with this small poem I found in one of my small books:

Do Not Despair

Do not despair, Let not dismay Impair your vision For today............

Though sunny skies Have disappeared, While thunder sounds And strorm-cloud nears;

Do not lose hope For He abides.........

A Faithful Friend, Close at your Side.

By: Anna Lee Edwards McAlpin


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