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Faith has no means only this end

Updated on January 23, 2017

Could you please...

Could you please pay attention to the words that I'm writing?

Could you please not default to the maximum font?

Could you just forget that the fork went in and you bled to death?

Could you never tell me hello or goodbye or call me your friend?

Could you please take all of my money and honestly beg me for more?

Could you swallow your pride and praise God? Could you just take a pill like I did?

Could you take 20 more like I did? Could you run away like I did?

Could you pick a fight like I did? Could you go out on your own and never say a word like I did?

No you couldn't because you're differently lost. Soft and spoken unwell. That's who you've chosen to be. This time I'm not going to run.

Not for you and not for anyone.

There's a life that I have and you have no intention to grab.

So go on and on with your small self. Go on with your cowardice.

Go on with you livelihood and beg God for mercy when you're standing in front of him and you've just let go.

Then come and tell me what it means to be lost and found and replaced and blamed and never forget that the wise only live to die, but the foolish live a longer life.

With that to you I say goodbye.Goodbye, brother.

Riding Out

Riding out loud
Riding out loud | Source

Ridin' Solo--Jason Derulo


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