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Faith - Immigrants New Home

Updated on July 13, 2016

Faith is never more tested than when all hope is adrift,

Prayers seem to wander directionless to no gods,

No compass to guide him or direct him in life,

Just sounds of waves crashing heavily as it prods,

His life seems to gently disappear in the horizon,

Which contrasts with how difficult life seems to thee,

Promises of honeyed tomorrows ring softly in his ears,

Courage milked from the remnants of his faith as he be,

His journey is more of optimism than of distance,

Yet the expanse is more than what a man may gauge,

A desired life filled with more crests than troughs fills his mind,

As the undulating vessel moves to the rhythm of its aquatic mate,

The craft rebelliously fights to lead this dance,

Each day his faith is buoyed by the sight of one more sunrise,

Another day crossing the vast expanse of faith, distance and time,

When once more land beholds his grasp a new test of faith arrives,

Will my new life take a better path or careen off course and on its side,

I pray my new found land will let me help helm this ship,

And not merely come all this way and cast me aside.


Have you ever emigrated to a new country?

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Poem reflects the fear of a man who is leaving his homeland in hope of a better life elsewhere.

© 2016 James


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    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 13 months ago from Texas


      Beautiful poem. I haven't left my homeland.

      Blessings my friend