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Faith in your love for the one upstairs

Updated on April 3, 2016

Today we were asked by our pastor "Are we showing our faith in the lord like we post our beliefs about worldly things"? That hit us so hard; because we are so quick in talking about politics, pop culture or Kim Kardashian that when someone brings up God they flip and get scared to proclaim their love for him. I see this all the time even I am guilty of this. I get scared of confrontation and letting others know I am a child of God; It kills me how scared I can get or how easy it is to let fear get the best of me. Lord knows your heart and will teach you ways to show your love for him; Just remember you don't need to let fear get the best of you the Lord has set you free!!! Let go and as soon as you see yourself in a moment of doubt say this out loud Jesus is with me and "No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper in Jesus name!! I will get through this!!" Keep saying that out loud and just believe in yourself! the only way to get through it is by keeping your faith strong.

I have faith we all will be strong and show others what were made of. My pastor told us we are all connected some how; because the lord gave each and everyone of us a spiritual gift, and that gift will be formed together to build an army of faith to prove that Gods love is stronger then any force against us. Never stop listening if god gave you a voice help others see their potential. I might be ranting but I feel like I needed to share what I have felt these past months. I have had my ups and downs and I am not perfect or a saint; I have had my fair of mistakes; I have been jealous, lustful, greedy, negative so much but god is helping me work towards my path. Once you give your life to God its not just flowers and sun shine you will have days of gloom and rain. Ive had so many things go wrong because I let the enemy take over of my situations. I still had moments of weakness that I let it get the best of me;but once I get that feeling of conviction that’s when I know I need to change my mood. You too can change the out come to your mistakes.

Remember no one is perfect we all have flaws; our past is long gone and you cant blame yourself on what you did back then. If you turn yourself to towards God he can change your future. You just have to keep your eyes on him; I too tend to have these voices from the enemy reminding me of what I did back then and as soon as I hear one line I start to sing or I listen to Gospel music and my mood automatically changes and I am reminded from what God told me. He told me He had a plan for me and I am victorious in his name! I will never give up on him and neither s


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    • roselinsojan profile image

      roselinsojan 23 months ago from India,Kerala.

      true,no one is perfect in this world.forget&forgive,that is life.