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Life hurts.....

Updated on September 30, 2011

Fall of life!

Learn to listen to the slowly creeping changes in life. do not get used to life. the moment you get used to it, it changes so abruptly that you are left looking over your shoulder, crying over what cannot be changed and thus losing your senses for the time being. The loss becomes such a part of your life that more you try to forget it, the clearer it gets. Most abrasive damage is brought by people close to your heart. Their little lies make you doubt their sincerity even if the lies may be for your own good. After every nice moment spent with them you wonder if it was a reality and deliberate action on their part or you are just a time pass. This thinking drives you crazy. You don't want to face the truth but some how it crosses your path and in such a manner that it is impossible for you to ignore it any longer. You break beyond measure. Some day you have to accept that promises are made to be broken and commitments have no durability. It's just another game where life tests you and you give it the chance to crumble you to pieces. Beware life thrills but kills!!


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