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Fallen (Part One)

Updated on July 14, 2019
Lisawilliamsj profile image

A socially inept, introvert, who still believes in magic. She has been writing online for ten years. She began her book seven years ago.

Chapter One

Genève stood in the dark, pouting. She looked into Talons yellow eyes, trying to hold onto her anger, but those damn eyes, of his, made it way harder than it should be. Talon leaned casually against a wooden fence. Genève took a step forward to adjust his old leather jacket, and he placed a helmet over her hair with a sly smile.

They were in the middle of a heated argument, which was nothing new. In truth, she enjoyed how he could always get her blood boiling.

Genève could be described as a spirited person. Not everyone understood her humor, but that didn’t stop her. She was always quick to laugh and joke. Yet there was another side to her. Although her father’s blood ran strong in her, she did carry pieces of her mother as well. she had the typical redhead temper, her anger burned as hot as fire.

Through clenched teeth she said “I still do not see why I must wear a helmet, and you are free to do as you wish, kissing the tip of her nose he said, “My bike my rules, besides I don’t want to mess up my hair", as he jokingly took a step back.

His silly lopsided grin was instantly replaced with a look of fear, as two hands grabbed him roughly from behind. He quickly looked over at Genève and realized she was being apprehended, as well.

Suddenly, a deep voice growled “We are the Queens Guard; she requires your immediate presence. You will not be hurt, if you do not put up a fight.”

Genève and Talon both knew better than to disobey the queen’s guard. Their fathers were the top two in the Hierarchy of the queen’s guard, and they had heard stories, from infancy, about what happened to those who tried to escape the queen’s summons.Genève felt an icy chill run up her spine. Something must have gone terribly amiss, or their fathers would have been the ones ushering them before the queen.

The walk up the palace stairs and down the long corridor, to the queen’s chamber, only took moments, yet each second felt like eternity. Step after step the fear ran colder, and colder. Genève imagined if someone touched her face right then, their fingers would be frozen to her skin.

When they walked into the room where the queen held court. She was sitting down with guards on all sides, her eyes brimming with tears. Her mother (Oleander), Talons mother (Anise), and Talons father (Derik), were all in chains, on their knees, in front of the queen. Their faces looked pale and they were covered with sweat. Genève’s father was nowhere to be seen.

Genève quickly went to her knee and bowed deeply to the queen. Talon did the same. Genève’s mother was not a kind woman, so she spent a lot of time with her father, who was the right hand of the queen. She had always wished that the queen was her mother; she knew that the queen secretly loved her father.

The queen smiled weakly and said, “Rise my child; I’ve bad news to deliver, please come


She took a breath and reached out for Genève’s hand. Genève stumbled forward and took her hand “What has happened, my queen?”

The queen’s lip trembled as she said “My kingdom has been corrupted by lust and greed, and your father has paid the ultimate price for it, I am sorry to tell you, but your father has fallen, he selflessly sacrificed his life to save his queen.”

Genève fell to the ground, for a moment, the world started spinning and she could not breathe. All she could feel was despair, as the pain settled like a boulder in the pit of her stomach.

She pictured her father, just last night. He took her to carnival. She saw his goofy smile as she tried to win a trinket at the target practice booth. She remembered how rough his hands felt as he held her hand briefly, before taking the bow and hitting all three targets in mere seconds. She thought about the glint in his eyes, when the man behind the booth grumpily handed over the trinket. She could not accept that she would never see his smile again.

Barely holding it together she made eye contact with the queen “How could this be, my queen, the realm has been at peace for many years?”

“That, my dear, was the first question I asked myself. The second was where was my second in command? If your father would not have been guarding me alone, he would still live.”

Talon looked up meekly and asked “Father, where were you, when the queen and the father of my beloved needed you the most?”

Anise looked up and between gritted teeth said “Yes, where were you? That is the important question, is it not?”

Derik looked up with regret in his eyes “I will admit my part in this woman, but his death is on your hands.”

The queen stood up and shouted “Enough! I have had enough of this. Apparently, your father was too busy lying with Oleander, to bother protecting his queen and his realm.”

The queen walked closer to Anise, and slapped her face “Wipe that smirk off your face, Derik has gotten one thing right, the part you played in this was far worse than the act of infidelity that they committed.”

Genève looked at the queen and said, “Please just tell me what is going on, why are they all in chains?”

The queen closed her eyes to regain her composure “Anise found out that Oleander and Derik had been having an affair for months.” She began to pace back and forth, trying not to let the despair seep into her voice

“She discovered that they were going to be meeting, and she knew that he would be late to his duties, which would leave us vulnerable. So, she hired a group of thugs to attack our entourage, as I made my way to court. Your father was shot through the heart with a poisoned arrow. He now resides with the Gods in Platonia. Fortunately, last week, when the Elders of Beimeni came to pay their respect, they gifted me with the ability to perceive the truth in any situation. The only person, who knew that I now possessed the ability to make people tell me their deepest secrets, was your father. So, Anise thought that I would have Derik killed for breach of duty, and she would go free.”

Genève knew all too well how these things were handled so she quickly asked, “My queen, what will happen to all of us?”

The queen was stricken with sadness, as much as she tried to stop it, she couldn’t, her voice quivered “If you only knew how many times I wished, I met your father before he wed your mother. I treated you as a daughter, because I have wished you were mine. I would do anything to keep you here, by my side, in Anwyn, but I just cannot, it would send the wrong message, and put the whole realm in danger. Anise must be killed. Because of the love I have for your father, I will spare your mother, so that she can still care for you.

Because of the love, I will always bear for you, I will let Derik live to take care of your one true love. However, you will not be allowed to stay in Anwyn. Everyone in both clans will be banished to the Human Realm.”

Genève looked the queen in the eyes and said “Thank you my queen, but I must ask, if we stay in the human realm too long, do we not lose our agelessness?”

The queen let a tear slip out of her eye, “yes my dear, after one hundred years, you will start toage, and then a human lifetime will pass before you will meet your end. I wish I could give you your life, but I cannot. However, I am permitting you time that no other would have, with this kind of treason.”

One of the queen’s guards stood up brandishing a sharp sword. As the queen said the wordsto banish two clans of people to the human realm, Genève watched the mother of her beloved’s head hit the ground, and quickly become concealed in a pool of crimson blood.

Chapter two

Two weeks after they settled in the human realm, Genève ran out of patience. She had been begging her mother and Aunt Adonis to let her see Talon since the day that they arrived. They asked her to just give it some time. Her mother repeatedly pleaded with her “Derik must blame us, for his fall from grace. He is hurting and angry. You simply would not be safe.”

Genève knew Talons family better than she knew her own. So, she understood the fact that Derik was harmless unless he was under the control of a puppet master. On his own he would not have the ability to harm her. She also knew for certain, even if he had found someone to pull his strings, Talon would gladly lay down his life to protect her, and then use his last breath to try and mend her broken heart.

She decided that to appease her mother, she would send him a telegram. She waited impatiently day and night. While she waited, she searched for the ingredients to make her magical brownies.She had to go to more than one shop to find the ingredients, so it helped to take her mind off things. Finally, on the fourth turn of the moon, when she had located all the ingredients but one, a reply arrived.

“My dearest Genève, how could we ever blame you? Our parents bear this burden; the fault is theirs alone. My father spends his days’ sick with grief. He lost his wife, mistress, and best friend all in one day. He has tried more than once to reach out to your mother, but all of the letters just get returned. We are of no danger to you. I need to see you. Please come quick my dear, your presence will make living bearable again.”

Genève felt blistering anger when she realized that her mother knew the whole time that she was in no danger. She understood now, her mother, just wanted to keep them apart. Luckily the angerwas short lived, because she just could not hide her excitement. She decided that she would set out, as soon as she made a batch of her magic brownies. They were a perfect way to relieve someof the pain, which was overpowering the very essence, of the home of the man she loved. One bite would render someone incapable of feeling sadness for hours. They produced a chemical in the brain that caused a sense of euphoria. She knew that her mother kept her magical herbs inthe house, and she was pretty sure that she had the last ingredient that she was looking for. So, she began a frantic search of the cupboards. Her mother walked in just as Genève started panicking and asked,

“What has gotten into you, what on earth are you doing?”Genève sighed and handed her the telegram and explained “I am looking for ground amber, so that I can make a batch of brownies. Once I finish making them I will be leaving. His father doesnot blame us, and I cannot go another day without seeing Talon. I will forgive all of your selfish lies, if you just help me find this last ingredient.”Oleander regarded her with a weary look, which was tainted with another emotion that Genève did not take the time to figure out. Yes, I will help you, darling. As a matter of fact, I have a jar of amber in my room. I will go and get it. You are absolutely right; it is time to settle this once and

for all.”

Oleander walked into her room and began rifling through her herbs. She found a jar with a pinch of powder in it. She shook her head and picked up the next jar, it was almost half full. Shedumped the second one into the first and happily walked into the kitchen, shaking the jar as she went.

Genève and her mother spent the next half hour mixing ingredients and watching the wood fire oven. She could not help but to be surprised about how nice her mother was being. She thought that just maybe the human realm and the loss of her husband had finally brought her to her. senses. Maybe coming face to face with reality was the only way to cure her narcissism.


Chapter Three

As she entered Talons house she was overcome with joy. She wrapped her arms around him and felt safe for the first time in weeks. She vowed that she would never again let him go. She looked around the small house and noticed Derik sitting alone in the dark. She called him over and hugged him fiercely. Talon Called for his two brothers, and they all sat down to have brownies and catch up. The joy radiating through the room was almost instant; it felt just like old times again.

Suddenly Genève realized that she was late, she was told to be home before nightfall. She looked outside and the sky was dark, yet the moon was bright. She did not want to disappoint her mother, since it finally seemed like she was going to try to be a good mom for the first time in her life. She got up to leave, but Talon would not hear of her walking home alone. So, she reluctantly hugged everyone goodbye, and they set out on their way.

Ten minutes into their journey, Talons whole demeanor changed. Suddenly his breathing became raspy, and it sounded as if there were fluid somehow trapped in his throat, trying to escape. Genève silently willed him to cough. She walked over to him and grabbed his hand, and quickly noticed that his skin had grown cold to the touch, and was becoming disturbingly pale. She looked himin the eyes, smiled warmly and jokingly said “Does my Gallant Knight need to stop and rest?”

He looked at her, unable to hide the fear on his face, and simply nodded, as his legs buckled and he hit the ground. Within seconds, Genève noticed his chest was visibly sinking in, and his ribs protruded, a little more, each time he took a struggled breath. Genève’s smile died a slow death, as she rapidly fell to her knees, taking Talon in her arms. He reached out and touched her face, smiling weakly, even now, trying his hardest to protect her from the inevitability of whatwas to come.

“You are my greatest love, my truest friend; even in death, our love will never end. Our souls will one day meet again” he whispered as he closed his eyes for the last time, and one final tear slid out of his eye and rolled down his cheek.

Genève had never before felt the level of pain and fear she felt right now. She thought nothing could hurt her more than the death of her father, oh but she was wrong. Adrenaline raced through her body, and her heart felt as if it were a rope bridge, which held a thousand armies. The weight of it all would certainly be too much, and she would surely break into a million tiny pieces.

Her thoughts were racing, but she decided that she needed to run and get help. She took a breath and tried to pull herself together. She was closer to Talons house, so she ran as fast as she could, in the direction from which she came. She kept repeating to herself, “he cannot be dead, there is no way. This is just a dream, or a mean joke.”Finally, she reached Talons house, slammed open the wooden door, and stopped dead in her tracks. She opened her mouth and screamed as loud as she could. She did not think she would

ever be able to stop screaming. Suddenly, the world started spinning and Genève slipped into sweet blissful nothingness.

Chapter Four

Genève slowly opened her eyes. Her head was pounding, and the slight movement was excruciating. She quickly shut them again. Trying to regain her composure, she stayed completely still, and focused on breathing in and out. Gradually she became aware that she had no short-term memory. She did not even remember where she was. As she struggled to maintain focus and stay awake, she realized that she was not alone. She took a breath and tried again to open her eyes. She focused all her strength on seeing through the fog that clouded her vision. Suddenly the other person came into the room, and she felt herself relax. It was her Aunt Adonis, so she must be at home. As the room became clearer, she became more and more panicked. She recognized Talons living room, and the reality of the situation smacked her in the face. She opened her mouth to scream again, but her aunt walked over to grab her hand “Hush my child, there is nothing to be done.You mustn’t fall apart.”

Genève looked into her Aunts eyes and cried “Mustn’t fall apart? First I lost my father, and now ve lost the best part of me. The only men I will ever love, are gone. I will never be whole again.

And you stand there with nothing lost and, ask me not to fall apart? How could this have everhappened? I do not understand…they were all fine when I left them.” Adonis took a step back and Genève could not help but notice that her aunt appeared nervous, and then a thought occurred to her “Aunt Adonis not to appear ungrateful, but why are you here?”

“I have a terrible tale to tell you, but it is sure to break your heart. I have to know that you arementally stable enough to hear it” her aunt said, looking her directly in the eye.

Genève straightened her back, and returned her aunts stare “I am as stable as I am going to get,bI will give you fair warning, though. If you had anything to do with this family’s death, I will end your life.”

Her aunt shook her head and said, “I did not, but sadly I know who did, and if you really think about it, you will know who it was, as well.” Genève’s back stiffened, and she could feel the anger boiling in her veins “Are you telling me that this was the work of my own mother? Why would she do this…. how did she do it?”

Adonis began pacing back and forth, choosing her words carefully “I am sure that you are wellvaware of the fact that certain flowers are deadly to most siddhe. It is one of the few things thatcan really kill us.”

“Yes, yes, we are told that since infancy, also that is how my father was killed. How could Iforget? What is your point?” Genève asked impatiently.vShe took a breath and gave Genève a meaningful look, “Your mother and I come from a very old blood line, which has never been tainted with the blood of a lesser blood line. It is an extensive process to marry into our family. One must not only be born into the right family, they must also complete a medical screening, at which time, blood is taken and examined for compatibility. Our blood line enjoys the benefit ofbeing immune to poison. This is one of the things that are scrutinized when the blood is drawn.

We are not allowed to have children with blood lines that dilute this benefit in our blood. Your mother has always been stubborn and refused to get this test done when she started a relationship with your father. Before our parents could force her hand, she was already pregnant. It was too late to do anything about it, so the test was never discussed again. If it turned out your blood was tainted you would have been stigmatized in the community, and that was unacceptable. So, our parents arranged for it to look like your father had the necessary testing done, but we never found out whether you carried the immunity or not.”

Genève looked at her aunt with a confused look on her face “This is fascinating information, but do not see how it is relevant to what is going on here…”

Suddenly Adonis could see the look on Genève’s face change from confusion, to realization, to horror. Genève thought about her mother’s sudden interest in helping her this afternoon. She remembered the time it took her to go into her room to get the ground amber, and she became sick to her stomach. Before she could move her Aunt came close and wrapped her in her arms “I saw the empty jar of ground Oleander in her room, and I realized right away what she had planned. I got here as quickly as I could, but it was too late.

Genève face was filled with horror and her voice tinged with sadness “She poisoned them not knowing whether I would live or die. She has never loved me. What will happen to Talons soul? I Know when we die in Anwyn we either become GODs or demons, but what happens when we die in the Human Realm?”

Adonis ran her fingers through her hair; trying to comfort her “His soul will go to the world of dreams. This is the place that humans wait for all the pieces of their soul to reunite before they are reborn. Unfortunately, because he does not have a human soul he will be stuck in purgatory for eternity. Please do not let your guard down, having mixed blood, you need to keep on your toes. Just because you are immune to Oleander does not mean you are immune to every poison.”

Genève started crying inconsolably and Adonis waited patiently for her to quiet. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at her niece “You are correct about your mother; she is a ruthless woman without a shred of decency. I think you know what you must do. She needs to pay for this with her life. I will find you a place where you can start a new life far from here, once you have gotten your revenge.”

Genève shook her head and smiled, nothing would please her more than ending her mother’s life. She stood tall and brushed herself off, and walked purposely toward the woman who gave her life. Oh, what a pleasure it was going to be to take hers away.


Chapter Five

Two Years Later

Genève stood back, watching the tiny man with a mixture of revulsion and excitement. Because she was a siddhe, she possessed the ability to put suggestions into the average human mind. This is how she obtained her vast army, since she killed her mother and left her Aunt two years ago,bthe problem was she needed a wizard to complete her plan of ruling the land. She could use magic, but she needed a master magician who would fall hopelessly in love with her, and do her bidding. Unfortunately, magical creatures, such as wizards could not be affected by her mind tricks, so it had to be the real deal.

It had taken her months to worm her way into Zeek’s life because he was always focused on one of his “experiments”. She put her hand on her stomach and sighed. He had asked for her hand in marriage just last night, and she told him yes without hesitation. Now it was time for her to tell him she was with child.

She slowly walked toward him and kissed him on the cheek. She could tell that he was excited bybthe look on his face. Before she could say a word, he grabbed her hand and said “I finally

figured out how to do it, my love. I knew it was possible! All of these years, everyone thought Ibwas a fool. We will certainly see who laughs last!”

She forced a sweet smile and looked into his eyes “That is wonderful, dear heart, which theory have you proven?” His lips spread into a childish grin and he exclaimed “I can now cross the threshold into the other dimensions! I have not been able to convince the world that alternate realities exist, and now I can enter them!”

Her eyes grew wide and her breath caught in her throat. Before she could stop herself, she blurted “Other dimensions, do you know what this means? We will be able to rule all the Realms. We will have infinite power. All we would need to do is find the rulers in each Realm

and kill them. We will plan a siege; they will never even see it coming. I could finally go home…”

She suddenly realized she was rambling, which was completely out of character for her. She turned around to look at Zeek and was taken aback by the look of disgust in his eyes. She could tell that things would never be the same. His rose-colored glasses had been ripped away with just a few renegade words.

He looked at her and said “You never loved me; you have conspired to use me to gain power. Leave my presence dear heart; I never want to look upon your face again.”

Genève stood up straight and lifted her chin high. She was determined not to let him see that he had caused her pain. She could not believe that she would have to go crawling back to her Aunt and start all over again. She would take her in without a fuss, especially when she learned about he baby. Without another word, she walked away with her head held high, never once looking back.

© 2019 Lisa Chronister


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