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Fallen Part Two

Updated on July 14, 2019
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A socially inept, introvert, who still believes in magic. She has been writing online for ten years. She began her book seven years ago.

Eight Years Later The New Begining Chapter six

The boy ran toward the door, but his mother blocked his way. He fidgeted impatiently, but she just smiled. She pushed his dark hair out of his grey eyes, kissed his cheek, and said “You mago out and play until lunch, but then you must wash up. Today is your seventh birthday and tonight we will celebrate.

He smiled in acknowledgment and ran out the door without looking back. He had important business to take care of down by the stream. As the boy ran, he did not pause to chat with the other children. His mind was focused on getting to his experiment, so that he could recordtoday’s findings. Plus, although the other kids were nice enough, he had very little in common with them.

Once everything was documented he leaned back against a willow tree. He felt his body relax; as he watched the tiny fairies dance across the stream lighting up the blue-green water like a thousand fireflies drifting in the wind. He waited patiently hoping to catch a glimpse of the twoUnicorns that sometimes drank from the stream.

His mother had taken him to other places in their land, but she always would say proudly “We have the most wondrous and enchanted town in all the land. We will always thrive as long as webnever lose sight of the simple beauty of this place.”

He took those words to heart and always made sure to notice the beauty that so many people seemed to overlook.Suddenly he heard a blood curdling scream from town. His body became paralyzed with fear. He finally managed to stand up and take a step in that direction, when he noticed the flamesshooting up over the tree line. For some reason the fear disappeared and in its place, came a steely determination.

He crept silently toward town, concealing himself behind the trees and in the tall grass.When he made it as far as he could without being seen, he noticed that his beloved town was being destroyed. All the huts were being set on fire, and the people were being chained and herded into a hastily made prison surrounded by guards. The boy was smart, so he understoodthat his only chance to save his mother was to run away. He was too young and too small to make any difference right now, and if he tried he would just end up getting caught, and becoming a prisoner with the others.

Before he turned to run away he noticed a golden chariot pull up and a beautiful woman with long flowing red hair, get out. He listened to her screaming at her guards and mentally catalogued the sound of her voice. He took his time and memorized every detail about her appearance. He slowly turned and vanished into the woods silently mouthing “We will one day meet again, of that I am sure.”

Chapter seven - Orion

Orion Jumped out of the Golden chariot impatiently. He was tired from the long trip and wanted to explore. He looked up at his mother and noticed that she was throwing yet another temper tantrum. It made him sad that at the mere age of eight he behaved far more grown up than his mother. Once again, he looked to the sky and wished that his father was still alive. He was sure that if he still lived, he would rescue him from his mother’s callous rampages. He looked around at the destruction and his heart grew heavy. As a child, there was nothing he could do to savethese people, but he vowed to himself that one day he would help this town get back to its original glory.

He decided to walk out toward the woods to get away from his mother’s constantscreeching, and the terrified cries of the towns people. As he walked in that direction, he noticed a boy about his age staring up at his mother with unabashed hatred on his face. He did not want to call attention to him; so he turned around to find somewhere else to explore. As he walkedaway, he turned and looked back and saw the boy disappear into the woods. Orion let out abreath. He consoled himself by saying quietly “at least one child got away, maybe there are more that I have not seen.”

As he walked in the direction of his mother, he could not help but to notice the destruction going on. The town’s people were being herded into camps that his mother’s guards were hastily putting together. If they tried to escape they were killed immediately. So many bodies were scattered on the dirt road, and in the grass, he could not possibly have kept count. The smell of smoke and death permeated his nostrils. His stomach felt sick and his heart felt like it would burst from sadness. He went to his mother, as she was beating a small troll with a whip. He was crying and begging for his life .

“I will go quietly I will do you bidding, please just stop hitting me.”

His mother looked up with a sinister grin and said “You disobeyed me, you will die. I need to use you as an example so that everyone else will know that I am not to be defied.”

Orion had seen so much pain and death, but this he could not take. This was a child! He steppedin between his mother and the troll. As the whip snapped, it hit his arm and a bloody welt began to form.

He looked his mother in the eye and said “Do not kill this child. You have proven to everyone that you must be obeyed. Take a look around you mother, what is one more life in the scheme of things? I will gladly take his punishment.”

Genève looked at her son with disappointment in her eyes, but she lowered the whip and pointed at the troll “leave my sight; your life has been spared for now. I better not see you again.”

She handed the whip to the guard standing closest to her “Orion wishes to be punished to spare one insignificant life, give him ten lashes on his back.”

Orion turned his back toward the guard and felt the first lash open the skin on his back. Lash after lash he stood there with a steely look on his face. He did not cry out or shed a tear. By the tenth lash, his back looked like raw meat and felt as if it was on fire; the blood was freely flowing. He grew more determined than ever to end his mother’s reign of terror.

Chapter Eight

Genève was pleased. She found this town on her way back home eight long years ago, at that time, she realized that it was in the perfect location for her to begin taking over the land. She hadto wait until Orion was old enough to withstand the journey, before she could implement her plan. She intended to keep the towns’ people alive to build her new castle. After it was built she would give them the opportunity to earn back most of their freedom.

She smiled at the sheer deliciousness of her plan. The town’s people would first be her slaves and then her entertainment. She would let them buy back their freedom after 10 years for 10 gold pieces. She would throw a fighting tournament once a year in which the winner would receive one gold piece. The weaker people in the town would have to earn their gold in a different way.

She would be entertaining powerful people from different lands and some of them liked a more sensual type of entertainment.

She could see it now; it was all going to be so easy. Once her castle was built, she quickly would become the most popular ruler in the land. She would become famous for her bloodbathtourneys, opium, and orgies that went on for days. Before anybody knew what was happening she would become ruler of all the lands in this world. People would be glad to hand over control to her.

As she thought about how everything was going to play out the grin slowly faded. Her mind, as it so often did, drifted back to that day, eight years ago, when she realized ruling this world would never be enough. As she sat there lost to the world pouting, she started forming a new plan. This one she would have to be very patient for, but this plan would make her queen of all the realms, maybe even Anwyn.

Chapter Nine -Ten years later

Genève stood at the window, looking out at her people. The filthy peasants worshiped her, but it was not enough. “Groll” She shrieked at her head moron. He quickly walked in and glanced up trying to gauge her mood. Most of the time she was someone to fear and even despise. Once in a while, she would let the mask slip a little, only for an instant. These were the times that Groll lived for.

“Yes, my queen?” He said nervously with his eyes cast down, not even daring to look her in the eye. “Bring me Zeek; the time has come for us to have a little talk. Help the guard secure him with the chains that block his magic, before he is removed from his cell. If he escapes, I will have your head!”

She began to pace back and forth, running her fingers through her long red hair. She had been waiting on this day for almost twenty years. When she thought about all the time and effort wasted on this little man, she became furious all over again. As she waited, she wandered over to one of the enormous red and black mirrors, hanging on the wall. She was taken aback by her reflection.

She did not age like normal people, yet she noticed that her face had aged significantly. She was no longer the weak and heartbroken teenager, with nowhere to go. She was now queen of a whole realm, and she was certainly not weak. As she gazed at her reflection, the years faded away, and her face took on a youthful glow. She thought back to the day this all began. She could not believe how much had happened since then. Finally, she heard Groll and Zeek coming down the corridor and she immediately stopped pacing, smoothed out the wrinkles in her skirt, and pasted a bored look on her face.

Groll pushed Zeek through the door with enough force that he landed face-down on the ground. He made no effort to get up. Genève stepped over him and walked over to her red and black chair. She sat down in it and immediately felt the calming effect of the velvety cushion and silky backing.

She looked down at Zeek, smiled wickedly, and said “I figured out how to do it Zeek, and I don’t need you at all. I will take over all of the dimensions and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop me.”

Zeek looked up at her with unabashed disgust and hatred in his eyes and asked “How do you plan on jumping the dimensions Genève? You do not possess any magical skills and you certainly do not have my Vortex.”

“That is precisely why you are still here. I do not need your magic; I have others who are willing to help with that. However, I still have the pesky little problem of your vortex to deal with.”

Zeek laughed a humorless chuckle, and said,” The vortex is in my home, go find it if you deem yourself worthy!”

She grinned at him wickedly and said “I have already tried and figured out that I need you, I can't find it, so it must have some sort of spell on it. Why else do you think that I kept you alive?

You turned my son against me, you will pay for that.” She walked over to him, kicked him in the stomach, looked over at Groll, and yelled “Bring him back to his cell; we will deal with him when the tournament is finished.”

As, Groll grabbed Zeek by the hair, and pulled him back to his cell., Genève found herself, once again, being swept back into the past. It was the only place she could still find pieces of her former self, her happy self, the self that was actually capable of love. Once in a awhile, on days like this, she missed that self so badly she didn't know what to do. So. She just stared off into the distance, and paid her a little visit.

© 2019 Lisa Chronister


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