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"Falling Fair" Script

Updated on March 9, 2014

need help with dialog of Addict which will happen when I find an actor and expansion of settings throughout day


Hands on head/camera behind/stacking of machined cigarettes in bag

Dealer Monologue

Still hands are the devils playground, strange thing a Native American Christian told me that

Machines one more

Door bell

Dealer Monologue

I've been waiting for something but about this character I'm playing, there's not much differentiating between. But I will tell you that neither of us like names, even the word name is stupid, part of the condition of this life, now mane, that's a name, you can't see a lions mane but you can hear his roar. People lack the state to see those are convictions, a way to get what he chooses in his domain. I like to imagine Safari goers laughing in joy at his roar and seconds later screaming from his rush. It gives me great solace, little imaginary contradictions.

New car but looks old: walking to and drive camera from behind facing passenger seat.

Dealer Monologue-while shooting car leaving garage

Ma just threw me the keys to the tired Forester, guess she'was tired of losing ha keys.
Its a great car especially for my line given the Penn State sticker.
A sign of legacy.
Communication artists in the sense of Bruce Lee with Rabies, that's my family in a nutshell.


Dealer Monologue looking for Addict

I met this animal last night, a thing with numbers on a screen that stomps on thin ice, I decided to push the limit to get information I find valuable.

Addict follows Dealer to car after head nod across party.talking while walking outside.

Addict: "What's good man"

Dealer: "Not much"

Addict: "How much you got?"

Dealer: "How much you need?"

Shows and hands money.

Addict: "Fucked and ditched on this girl."

Dealer: "What was her name?"

Addict: "Cinderella for all I give a shit, decent fuck though."

Dealer: " I fucked a 14 year old and got 3 years in an asylum now they give me some pills"

Cutting Pills and smoking them.

Dealer Monologue

Lie, I sprayed some brats bed with a fire extinguisher out of boredom at my first college, boredom will do that to a bed, got 6 days in solitary for breaking and entering. It was like that movie with the machine that makes the insane sane and the sane insane, I'd like to tell you it worked the first time but I fled from the dinky campus police when I wasn't allowed back...

Addict: "I feel you, you gotta get it how you get it, what pills you get?"

Dealer Monologue

I feel weightless for a few seconds and don't think it but feel that I won't stand for him standing that. I knew he heard of me, my nickname, reputable, but I had a untraceable number and fake friends

Coldness from both mostly from Addict.

Addict: "Peace"


Dealer Monologue

Ma Job, wish I had one, nice white collar criminal stead of selling blue falling pillars. That's what I call em, 'cuz ya can't escape from em, it's no addiction, its more like a self destruct button

Trade off money for prescription with Doc, as leaving...

Doc: "Why?"

Dealer: "Why do you ask the questions you know the answers to?"

Doc's hands on rails of train station after Dealer coming back

Doc: "You got gifts people would kill for son"

Dealer: "Maybe that's the problem, they kill for other things... If one life can put a fork in the road and the world sees the world. Well I feel it my duty, I can't explain a feeling."

Doc: "I know"

Dealer: "Ya can't be wrong if you don't bother to rationalize it."

Dealer watches the train that goes by intensely

Dealer: "All I know is I ain't dying today, others will die and others born, but I don't see the difference between the two, that's all I know"

Offer cigarette, Doc takes.

Dealer Monologue on drive back

I knew this Psychiatrist for awhile now, a preterest who gives logic and correlation even to the testaments, could fill a hard drive with what he knows.
Doc: "I like to think I'll understand you one day..."
Dealer: "We'll see tonight Doc, we'll both see"


Addict: "I need to escape like right now."

Dealer: "Escape from what, you have enemies?"

Addict: "No."

Dealer Monologue

You are THE enemy.

Addict: "You hear me."

Dealer: "Yea."

Dealer Monologue

There is no difference between hearing and listening to him, but I', hearing him as a gag reflex in front of me on a roller coaster. This kids on the honor roll up at Penn and he think I don't know he's been stealing from me, I know the youth he laughs with other entitled smart-alecs.

Addict: "You know you seem out of it"

Dealer: "Just reflecting"

Dealer Monologue

What I see.

Addict: "So you pulling in the bills son"

Dealer: "' Bout a thousand a week."

Addict: "Wow."

Dealer: "Not enough though."

Addict: "What?!"

Dealer: "My mother just took out a 3rd mortgages, shes 61 now"

Addict talking about his grand situation in background

Dealer Monologue

Little remorse, I'm out of it again, his words only have value to the cup overfilled people, I wonder what it feels like to have completely no remorse, my mother used to tell I had this but she also said I changed, I got a test comin' up, I feel it.

Chain smoking and offers cigarette addict declines.

Addict: "Not a smoke, I want what you have."

Dealer: "Vice Versa."

Dealer Monologue

My voice carries but I didn't have the sense to judge his choice

Addict takes pill on car door­­­­­. O.D.'s: light squeel slowly falls, vomits lightly and intermittently.

Dealer Monologue

I'm basking right now, I feel human, in touch with my surroundings, I'd like to say they're all in touch.

Puts pennies on eyes cleans mouth and put lit cigarette in mouth.

Opportunity of a graceful life don't come to all, but out of the kindness of my heart I gave his family a opportunity for my vision, perhaps mysterious perhaps vile, but a vision nonetheless.

Drives away and changes license plate and throws out phone.

Dealer Monologue

I hate wasting but busy hands are happy hands, ya know now that I think about it I like names, I'd like friends to call me Ponyboy, born in the year of the horse, makes sense don't it. From a book I recall forgot what it was about but I like whats behind the name, the simple inexplicable and innocent nature of it... Ponyboy.


Finds addict's Gold Rat Key chain on seat.

Dealer Monologue

Payment of a sort... Now about God and judgement, not much comes to mind presently. Only if I was a gambling man and I had 50,000$ I think I'd put a penny on his non-existence.

Expensive car T bones racing, walk out with whiplash and start laughing when i see alcohol.

Maybe two... I think I'll call this memory Evidence.

Walks home and catches mail man to the door and gives a generous smile picks up box then goes to bedroom to find his self published books in the box.

Dealer Monologue

Validation. Low and behold they say. Not a clue what that means, felt it appropriate.


I like to think about Jesus coming back, lots a folk been making up things about him from the get co, its why I didn't stay in the church. I make my own connection, to one of my old English teachers, a passive intellect who used to spar with Bruce Lee.


I like to dwell in my thought that we might share a moment together, laughing or crying at the current situation. I'd let him pick, but all I would ask of him would be a handshake.


I don't know why I assume I'll be granted the opportunity to meet another person like minded to Doc but I'd like to forewarn them that there's a thousand to one I'll speak my mind, vice versa for my heart."

Throws out collected cigarette butts.


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    • foemeno profile imageAUTHOR

      David Charles 

      4 years ago from New York

      Its funny how my original insults are now pointed towards me. Having studied psychology for quite a few years, your writing may indicate an ailment. You really only insulted yourself with this one. I wish you good health considering that you are not capable of being an enemy that I can learn from. I know how difficult it is to not have a voice or feel worthless but you are not. I am not going to dilute my creative range by depicting such a... I don't even know what to call this...

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wow! A bona fide "great artist!" Although I have never heard of you, I can tell that you are a master of your craft.* I think it's very brave that you have chosen to write in English, rather than your primary language - it's almost on par with a native speaker! With that said, please accept my humble apologies as I speak out of turn and attempt to offer some constructive criticism from the gutters of obscurity.

      The link that follows is a simple and very handy guide to learning how to properly structure a screenplay. I would strongly advise that you refer to it when you eventually revise your script.

      I have a question regarding your line "Communication artists in the sense of Bruce Lee with Rabies, that's my family in a nutshell." Is a history of sudden behavioral changes, hydrophobia, mordaciousness, and poor motor control a constant in the "Dealer" family? Are they previously skilled martial artists suffering from the aforementioned afflictions? That strikes me as a hindrance to the fine artistry of communication, so perhaps I'm missing something.

      *Surely, I am not the first to admit that the breakneck pace of pop culture can at times be difficult to follow.

    • PoeticFailosophy profile image

      Diana F. King-Fyre :: DECEASED, 1962-2014, Rest in Peace 

      4 years ago from Cuzco, Peroo


      True intelectual.

      Like cthulloo I have heard from the depths you're crys on the forum and i have left my selfimpozed slumber to reech out to you. yes. you sir are a ginious of the highest order of magnitud. Like you I have been persecqueted for my wryting, I have been stalked and harASSed by a low IQ paedophile from Penssylvania who says that he is just the boyfriend of a paedophile. Do not let these nameless and faceless paedophiles and critiqs judge the value of you hi art. They cannot understand this messege of truth, beauty and ugliness.

      The thundercats of the mind have been restless with their lightning strikes of brillianse and have struck you with the muse. you amoung the very few minority of poeple are a true genious and true artist. Your art is truth. Your screenplaye is too bold for this croud here. I alone understand its weighty inplications. You and I are a dying breed sir.

      I beseach you not to givup. Their is too much at steak here.

    • foemeno profile imageAUTHOR

      David Charles 

      4 years ago from New York

      As much as I would like to Sensai, I don't feel the need, especially by the guiding implosion of "everyone" who decided brash words over constructive criticism. I shouldn't have responded to "everyone" but felt the need, especially because everyone is not creative and "everyone" is a critic who took the easy approach to try to put me down; lazily, a silent round of applause from the people with actual credentials and credability of which have said I am extremely creative; so much so it makes me unbalanced and ill, which I try to tame, perhaps there is too much of one element perhaps you did not recognize that it the movie would have much silence in between scenes to procrastinate and emphasize the meaning and storyline but either way your comment is that of an internet troll, and speaking as one who is not afraid to lash out myself I on the other hand have actual accomplishments to back up a comment of criticism if I see fit to push them. So thank you for pushing me to re realize the fact that I among very few are the minority of people who are in the rite of passage to becoming a great artist. So I would suggest changing that everyone to most people. I hope you come up with at least a finger painting as to say you are not a complete troll.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Stop. Please take a creative writing course or two and maybe you'll be ready to try again in a year or so.


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