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Falling back to autumnal glory

Updated on August 20, 2014

falling back to autumn.

Free flowing lines of wanton passion some for all there is no ration
lime green trees with lucious fruit like buttons shining on a military coat
Elixiers of life on tap all day no need for your money there is nothing to pay
doves cooing and going in to sounds of rapture the last of the daylight we try to capture.

Eggs boiled slowly in casks of hunny not too hard
yet not too runny
Purple oak leaves falling as the wind starts to rise,
Squirrels a gathering, some in disguise

Footsteps, once quiet now making sound,
disturbing the leaves that lay on the ground
voices of kids fade sooner each day,
a sure sign that autumn is well on the way

Hushed then the footsteps that follow the night,
with eyes tightly straining to gaze on the sight,
of the fire in the hearth and the kettle a blowing,
not long now before we expect twill be snowing.

No need for alarm and no need for to panic for with 90 days
left the shopping will be manic,
Get this for the children uncle harry a book,
aawww remember last year and the photos we took?

Who shall we have round who can we invite?
if its hazel then carol will come, out of spite,
Roberts not coming hes a disgrace to us all !
I dont care if you washed it, id just painted that wall,

And as for your Mother the Lord take me now,
if i have to be pleasent to that mischeavous cow,
she sat and She scowelled at my great auntie grace,
with a look that in hell would not have been out of place.

Yes i admit my cousin cedric was bad,
but at least he went quietly, not like your dad.
A kicking and screaming for the whole world to see!
as he got into the cop car deciding to pee..........

Oh these are the times of the year i love most,
as we give praise to the father son and holy ghost.
enough rambling for now for as sure as carolers sing,
it wont be long again before we celebrate spring.


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