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False Alarm

Updated on November 5, 2016


I called you

with every scream.

with every launch

of my soul and you came

in a strip of double blue.

But you must leave

for from the night of my call

your presence has been

my breath escaping.

I must send you back

for I am a coward

with a broken heart

and an empty hand.

Now I must hurt you

And it pains me so much

For I know no other ever

can be like you again

you came from a pure road

passed through a new path

germinated in a virgin land

grew in a maiden home

I wish I had the gut

To stand and let you live

To hold you in my hands

After bringing you forth

But i'm a great coward

That made a false alarm

calling when I shouldn't

dancing when I was to halt

all I can say right now

As tears travel down my face

And blood race through my heart

Is I'm terribly sorry

Sorry for the false alarm

Sorry that I must crush you

And send you back...

sorry for being a coward.


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    • zmdoss profile image

      zmdoss 7 years ago

      I love your poems, continue using your gift, and i look forward to reading all your hubs.