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False prophets and their loyal crowd

Updated on May 24, 2011
Harold Camping the false prophet
Harold Camping the false prophet
No explanation needed
No explanation needed
Wake up!!!
Wake up!!!
The job
The job

False prophets
and their loyal crowd
pretending to know
what it’s all about

Doomsday here
Armageddon there
written on billboards

Who to believe
who is right?
Will we see
the end of night?

Another day break
yes or no?
What if it’s time
where will we go?

Was I good
or was I bad?
All those thoughts
racing through my head

What if I
don’t qualify
to enter the heavens
way up high?

Will I be doomed
or go to hell
will I burn
forever dwell?

Or have I been
somewhat okay
will I go to heaven
who’s to say?

No one can tell me
very well
for when we die
we don’t live to tell

So while I’m counting
the hours of the day
the end to come my way

My thoughts go crazy
and frantically
I sit there thinking
how it will be

Hours go by
and I fall asleep
taken by exhaustion
of the thoughts that I keep

Then all of a sudden
I realize
that I’ve woken up
Oh boy it’s time

I race to the kitchen
put the coffee on
I spill the milk
thinking what is wrong?

Then all of a sudden
a thought comes to me
I quit my job
for Doomsday you see

What was I thinking
what have I done?
the prophet was wrong

Why did I listen
to that Camping man?
He is clearly mistaken
for the world did not end

But my life is over
it’s down the drain
in the middle of recession
without work is insane

For the rest of the world
it’s a brand new day
but my life is over
Armageddon all the way

False prophets
and their loyal crowd
pretending to know
what it’s all about



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