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Family fun day

Updated on June 29, 2008

A family fun day with a free BBQ, bouncy castles, inflatable slide, kids activities, face painting, and second-hand sales, took place in Mackworth community centre. We had a big Cheese burger and Blackberry juice for free, and bought 10 books just for 5 pence each. What a great day!

This activity is organised by the Derby City Church, and is called "lifestival", I don't know what "stival" means, at first glance, I mistook it as "lifestyle", but actually it's not.

I got stomach upset this morning, and It's so serious that I went to toilet three times within half an hour, so BBQ could not be a carrot which make an ass walk, or honey attract bees. I asked if I could be exempted from the family fun day, my wife and daughter very firmly refused my appeal.

When we arrived at the meadow outside the Community Centre, there are many children bouncing and screaming already. Strong smoke flowing up from BBQ, piles of burgers on the table, several people is busy attending the BBQ.

We went to the second hand sales, my daughter was interested in a pink lady bag, with artificial pearl beads handle. She likes pink and purple, and wants a cool bag several times when we go shopping.

Then she went to the crafty camp, and made herself a mask, decorated with sparkling stars.

Charcoaled burger and sausage

Many people has already queued for cheese burger and hotdog burger, so we queued there for a cup of juice and cheese burger. We could ask for three burgers, but I didn't have any appetite, and my daughter seems that she couldn't manage to eat one big burger, my wife assured me that she could eat one and half, so we asked for two chease burgers.

Beef burger seems to be over cooked, and burned to charcoal, same as the sausages. But they tasted not too bad, I think the reason they over cooked a BBQ burger, is they might not want to be blamed for food infection because of under cooked meat, which might make people diarrhea back home from family fun day.

While we eating, a man came up and gave us a leafleat, said, if we want worship god we could attend city church at Curzon street. What's on the leaflet is:

"The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord".

After the big cheese burger, my daughter wanted to try the bouncy castle. She climbed up to the inflatable slide, but seems a bit scared of the heigh before she slided down, no more bouncing.

Books, Five pence each!

Many wonderful books for sale, I especially liked two books: one is "my first picture dictionary" , another is "my first 1000 words", both published by Brown Watson. I asked how much, and I thought the lady said "Fifty pence each", so I chose these two books and another dictionary, then prepared to pay, but my wife objected that I could only buy two books, so I give up "my first picture dictionary". We reckon the lady that we were ready to pay, she came to us and said, "Fifteen pence, please, five pence each!"

What a laugh. Hang on, five pence a each, now I could pick up books casually without thinking about the price. Then we choose another 7 books to make a ten for only fifty pence.

I liked the family fun day very much, it's really a good form of activity which organized by church.

My wife commented on the way home: we spent one pound and ten pence today, ate two burgers for free, and two cups of juice, ten books, and a pink bag for Brenda. It's worthwhile.

"Are you happy?" she asked Brenda.

"Yes!" Brenda answered.


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    • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

      Kathryn Skaggs 9 years ago from Southern California

      A family day:-) Well, it sounds like all in all... you really did end up having a great day. Thanks for sharing.