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Family identity

Updated on May 13, 2016


I have decided to post a blog to demonstrate family identity and how family identity is passed on through the generations. My written task will examine a poem themes and moral values of a literary text. The task will be responding to Seamus Heaney’s poem called “Digging”. I chose to post this blog because it’s open to a wider range of people including the audience that I wish to address. Moreover, blogs offer opportunities to audiences to offer their opinions.

I chose this text type because it will be easier for my audience to understand. The layout of the blog will be an opinion column which will include images. Images including Seamus Heaney relating to the poem. An opinion column is suitable for this task because it allows me to express my views and demonstrate the similar connections between both Heaney’s family and the blogger’s family.
I will write from my own personal perspective and I will be discussing the background of my parents and the significance of family.

My audience is anyone interested in poetry and has an admiration for perseverance, ambition and diligence of a family. I will explore my life experience in the city of South Africa.
One of the main themes in “Digging” is, "identity" which deals with the perspective of the writer of his identification of becoming a great poet instead of a farmer. “Family identity” is the topic I will be demonstrating.
The purpose of this task is for me as the blogger to express my feelings of how family tradition breaks apart. I will use Conversational tone and rhetorical questions to convince and persuade my audience to consider my point of view.

Words count 278


Written task

Focusing on family identity is one of the best ways to building a solid family relationship. Family identity deals with how much you identify with your family values. One has to identify their family values to fulfill that happiness that lies in their home. Before one can identify their family, they have to have dreams, hopes, imaginations, inspiration for their family and believe what they intend to do.

My parents are one of the greatest people I have ever come to know. My dad is a farmer. He inherited farming from his father. My father had been one of the most successful farmers in Ireland. My father has been a farmer since he was 19 years old. He started off by growing crops such as tomatoes, pepper, and potatoes in his garden. With money from his gardening, he purchased bigger land and more equipment to start a farm.

Though successful, there were still limitations due to the lack of access to water and adequate technology. He often used low-grade equipment such as shovels and axes rather than big machinery that could get the job done faster. These challenges lead to him being unable to meet the market's demands for certain products.

Nevertheless, my father was successful to a large extent due to his hard work, developed skills, and strong family support. I sometimes recall my dad complaining about some of his crops being spoiled because he couldn’t find buyers for his products. We often had to preserve some of the crops for eating.


One morning I was in my room my dad called me from the stairs of my little bedroom “Martha are you coming with me to farm today?” While I was sitting on my bed writing on a piece of paper. “Yes, I am coming” I respond, writing the one last sentence before leaving. I ran downstairs and shove my feet into my fuzzy brown boots and grab my little bag that had my pen and piece of paper.

It’s was Saturday morning, family gathering together on the farm. On our way out, the cold winter winds greet us. “You have everything,” my dad asked. I slide my hand into my bag to see if I didn’t forget the things I usually take whenever we are going on the farm. I have my pen, my book so yeah I had everything.

I am not obsessed with my book but I love writing whenever I am sitting alone as my father works. We got on the farm and I sat under a little tree that was close to where my dad was working. I could see him sweating and breathing hard which demonstrate his ambitions towards hard work. My dad loves to work especially when it comes to farming. He’s very peculiar with farming. I heard singing around me like a contagious disease. I knew it was my dad singing as he was working. I smile. It’s the best sound I always loved to hear.

I ran to him “Here has some water” he took it and went right back to his work. “Wow,” I said to myself. Anyway … I want back under the tree and continue with what I was doing. I look over the beautiful trees. I listen to the melody of the birds singing. I felt I was being lock with my dad like Rapunzel locked in a tower.

I smile, and stare at my dad working like tomorrow will never come. He lifts his head and notices me looking at and went back to his work. Being the person I was, I got distracted and went back to my writing. Eventually, I look through the pages and I saw that I was getting my work done. I sighed “I think I am going to be a good blogger” I muttered under my breath.


My parents were not wealthy but worked hard to ensure that I got a good education. They knew that education was vital despite the fact that they never had the money. I watched my father wake up early to ensure he made enough to keep his children in school. I think giving us a good education was the motivation for his hard work.

I admired my father but farming wasn't sufficient for me. I wanted to be more than a farmer. I admired the hard work that my father was doing but I felt that it was not my calling. Each morning I could see my dad from my window molding his instruments for work. But that wasn’t enough for me. I had to move on with life and do something I felt it was meant for me.

Farming wasn’t my calling. I was not going to follow the path of my father and grandfather. I want to do something entirely different. I felt that there was the next level. My father wanted more for me. He often said that “The sky is your limit.” He also said that “life can be complicated, but it would help if you can decide what you want to achieve in life and be determined to acquire it” My father words motivated me and forced me out of my comfort zone. I became more independent. I was very determined to accomplish my goals.

I do not look down on my dad because he is a farmer but I want to be different. I do admire his extraordinary work as an agriculturist. He has that enthusiasm in all that he does. But I want to be a writer and to blog about various things and I will.


I don’t intend to look down on my dad because he is a farmer but because I want to be different. I do admire his extraordinary work as an agriculturist. He has that enthusiasm in all that he does. But this what I want to be a blogger and I will be.


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