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A Poem Change: featuring Sam Cooke.

Updated on February 20, 2012


I am the very last person

On this earth, who will

Want things, as I have

Come to know them.

To remain the same.

Especially after the way

I have been taught.

Even more so now

I understand why

They cannot remain

the same!

Don't you even dare?

Attempt to saythat I am

old fashioned!

I believe that life is change.

And change is the fuel

which propels life itself.

Had I not seen

And believed it to be

that way for quite some

time now.

I would not have

been here in the good

old U.S.A.

As kids growing up

in the islands

we were constantly being

instructed in the ways of

different beliefs,

virtues and ideologies

They were taught trained

sometimes even whipped

into us by our parents

even by the elders in our


They had the blessings

Of our parents

But now I cannot finish

Thanking those two

beautiful people, my


Also those elders who

Willingly accepted the


Blessings and thanks

to them!

Only recently I heard it


That it takes two people

To have a kid

But and entire village

to raise that child

The hope of my parents

And if I may also say,

That the hope of all

parents the entire village

and the community,

Was that these virtues

somehow resonate,

Be fully understood

and taken to the top

of their children's lives.

That’s where they truly


That somehow it becomes

A part of their children's

Character in life.

They believed that children

Must grow to learn and


That it should also

Prove evidedent in their

future way

That they may also remember

These virtues as they move

Forward teaching others

as they go

One of the most stringent

And standout of those virtues,

One that was pronounced

and deeply stressed was also

Unmistakably the most



Those everyday norms like

Good Morning and Good


Sat way up, at the top on

That list

And weighed heavily on our


Heavily on our shoulders

To be flawlessly carried out.

Good Night was also present,

But most nights will

Undoubtedly catch kids at home,

Which is where they belong?

At home you are not expected

To fail,

That’s where the lessons


Not in school.

As important as school is.

See for yourself

It remains secondary to the

True teacher at home usually

The Mother.

During my younger daus

parents were usually dead

in your face!

Failure was not an option.

Pride Soared among families!

OK let's fast forward to this

Our present day.

In looking over my shoulder


And hopefully it’s evident

When you also look over yours.

I am forced to question

The changes that I see

That's presently among

our children.

Especially those of third world


Because as we already know

It was those principles of truth

That had been so deeply

woven into the fabric that

is our lives

Together with the same

Prerequisites which now

makes for Good and Bad

in foreign and throughout.

The young ones that am

looking at, and believe me

I am looking at them


My interest goes beyond

a mere stare.

It's frightening for me to utter

The words which describe

the true image that I see.

So instead I will pray.

I pray that the Most High

Father in his ultimate wisdom

and Greatness, that he

will find it necessary and


That somewhere in his

divine plan.

To quickly intervene

Now let us all do the


Take the number of years

It takes to shuffle through

The changes that most

youngsters Will face just

simply trying to find


Then there are the changes

that the system put on us all,

Basically it calculates to be

only for ignorance or greed

How in the name of heaven

Can those youths be

expected to take on, Defeat

and also become Successful at

anything in life, given these

types of environment?

They are not forcefully or

otherwise steered in the

proper direction.

See why “booth camp” rocks

From when there are young

Or even when they are grown

See why it yields such perfect


In helping these types of kids

Find that start they need,

that command to come echoing

as soon as they display

That similar Lackadaisical and

rude to their parents


After looking at what their

Parents have gotten

Trapped in.

One of my favorite lines

That I often use is.

The Sins of the parents!

Now it’s also the sins of society.

So let's mold those that are still


Let them know that there are

No miracles in life except

the one looking back at them

Each time they look in

Life’s mirror.

That’s all there is

Remains that what is real.

So nothing planted nothing


Not a fairy tale, can’t be bought,

Or sold, not for sale.

There are no, if I had known!

That's already too late!

No magic trick they can learn

The stash they dished out

Is all that will be on their plates!

Nothing much to gain when they

Are grown!

It is what it is!

This truth, their truth!

It’s them and what they have

Should not get tied up

in their grief.

There are no excuses

and no one to blame

but themselves.

So don’t you,

“Did not ask to be here” Me.

Who will be crying to for help!

You are already here

and it’s the only place you

will be.

Get up off your lazy, and

ask those whose song

you choose to dance

And to sing!

Can’t say you weren’t warned

From the Beginning.




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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Blessings "AE" and thanks always.

      That's the truth about this life and the bigger truth about mankind.

      We are in charge of what means of transportation we use

      and also the one we choose to be our conductor and though we have made numerous errors on our way, as long as we truly mean what we say, the Most High God is always there waiting, willing and able. It's not about the church you attend, it's about the sincerity and truthfulness to your belief.

      "Give Thanks always "AE"

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Wow Sky, You tell it like it is. We have no-one else to blame when we take a wrong turn, but the good news is, we can always turn around and find the right path again. Enjoyed..Thank you..Cheers