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Famous Batman Quotes

Updated on August 17, 2017

Before you get into batman quotes, I think it's cool to know some interesting facts about Batman and why he's woven into pop culture.


It all begin in 1939 when Batman first appeared in an issue of Detective Comics aka DC. Did you know that the singular issue is so popular that a copy sold in an auction in 2010 for over a million dollars.

The character was created by two men Bob Kane and Bill Finger. There's a bit controversy because only Bob Kane was credited with Batman's creation until 2015.

It is Bill Finger came up with the real name of Batman (Bruce Wayne), Gotham City and many of Batman's supporting character like Robin and Joker.

Batman TV Series And The Dark Knight Returns

Together with TV series of Batman which lasted with only three seasons, the comic sales skyrocketed within the said season. When the TV show ends, the sales go down as well. But it is fascinating that the three season of the TV series generated almost 120 episodes!

DC took another risk after the comic sales took an all-time low in 1985. The Dark Knight Returns, written by Frank Miller was released featuring an older Batman, a retired crime-fighting version.

The story features a dark one that highly inspired the 2016 movie, Batman V Superman or at least in tone and some aspects of the story. This arc not only reinvigorated the franchise but is still considered one of the best Batman stories out there.

Batman Trilogy By Christopher Nolan

After a series of notable animations, the next big leap for Batman came in 2005 when the Christopher Nolan trilogy kicked off. Among the three movies, the highlight is the middle film, The Dark Knight.

Featuring an incredible performance by Heath Ledger, which won him an Oscar for best supporting actor, unfortunately just months after he passed away.

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These three movies were known for being dark, gritty, and even influenced other film franchises to try to take that turn and make superheroes more grounded.

Being Powerless And Popular

The reason that this grounded approach works for Batman and not so much with other superheroes is that Batman is grounded. He's one of the few superheroes in mainstream pop culture that has zeo powers.

He's a guy, this makes him as a character extremely relatable. When he faces off against Superman, an alien that is nearly unstoppable, you're rooting for the underdog.

His lack of powers also translates to his villains aka rogues gallery. While some of his villains might have strange powers or weapons, most of them are just insane. This make for extremely dangerous and often intriguing villains.

Batman Skills And Characteristics

As a character, Batman is also known for his detective skills. Harkening way back to his origins in Detective Comics, he has to use his brain and technology to figure out creative solutions to difficult situations.

The most notable characteristics of Batman is figuring out ways to stop all of his super-powered allies in case he ever needs to stop them. This happened in the comics in a story arc called Tower of Babel but was somewhat translated to an animated movie called Justice League: Doom.

Batman's Sidekick: Robin

Another aspect to discuss is his constant sidekick, a character named Robin. Casual fans may not know that there have been quite a few Robin since the creation of Batman.

Most of them have grown up and taken on new titles such as Nightwing and the Red Hood. His dynamics with the various Robins often serve a central role in his stories.

Batman's Origin And His Status Today (2017)

His origin has been explored greatly in most of his and animated outings.

When he was a kid, the poor guy saw both of his parents killed in front of him. He grew up looking for vengeance against the guy who committed the crime as well as wanting to stop other senseless acts of violence in the city.

Fast forward today, we're seeing new iteration of the character on the big screen in the DC Cinematic Universe played by Ben Affleck. He's set to appear not only in future solo Batman movies but also Justice League group movies and even made a small role in Suicide Squad, a film focused on various villains from the DC Universe.

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The Most Popular Batman Quotes

Whether you read the full introduction and history of batman above, the texts below is you came for, the batman quotes.

I'm Batman

Imagine how incredible you'd be one year from now if you stopped fantasizing about a better life and actively starting building one.

People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.

A hero can be anyone even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy's shoulder to let him know that the world hadn't ended.

You don't change for someone else. You change for yourself.


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