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Famous Haunted Places: Apsley House Pub, England

Updated on October 31, 2012
Apsley House Pub
Apsley House Pub
Photo of the Reedy, the beer loving spirit.
Photo of the Reedy, the beer loving spirit.

by Christine B.

Most spirits are considered unwelcome guests, but not the one that haunts the Apsley House in Southsea, Hants, England. This ghosts is loved by all the patrons, if not the owner, because this spirit tops off their drinks. If patrons leave their drinks unattended for any amount of time and then come back to them, they find their glasses mysteriously refilled.

The generous spirit is thought to be a former bartender at the pub. The pub’s landlord, Mr. Wicks, refers to his unpaid helper as “Reedy” after the English actor and notorious drinker, Oliver Reed. He reports that people have not only seen “Reedy” on occasion, but some say they can feel when he’s around in the form of cold spots, as well. Not too long ago, during a retirement party, one of the Pub’s staff, Paul Morgan, even captured Reedy in a photograph.

Morgan reports: “I took two shots in a matter of seconds. You can't see anything strange in the first, then a face appears in the next. It is very weird. I showed my kids and they couldn't believe it. There was no one near at the time.”

The pub owner is not as forgiving as the clientele, however because Reedy is costing the owner ale sales. There has been mention of a plan in the works to bring in a psychic to hold a séance at the Pub to ask the kindhearted spirit to stop giving away drinks. If that doesn’t work, there has also been mention of an exorcism in an attempt to get rid of Reedy for good. Such a drastic step would be chancy because the pub just might lose a lot of customers in the process. At this point, Reedy is a good reason why many choose the Apsley Pub to do their drinking.


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