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Famous Haunted Places: Blenkinsopp Castle Greenhead, Northumberland, England

Updated on June 1, 2012
          The Castle, as it was before the fire of 1954.
The Castle, as it was before the fire of 1954.

by Christine B.

Built in 1339, now a mere shell of its former self, Blenkinsopp Castle still holds its ethereal appeal due to the two spirits who are reportedly haunting it. When an owner of the castle is close to death a phantom hound is heard and seen. The other ghostly resident is a Lady in White, and she has been seen almost any time throughout the castle and adjoining property.

Bryan de Blenkinsopp was one of the early owners of the castle. De Blenkinsopp had only one passion and that was for wealth. He once boasted that he would never marry unless he found a woman who had wealth enough that ten men would be needed to carry it all into his castle. He apparently found such a lady and did marry her. He brought her back to his castle, along with her foreign servants… and a chest of gold that required a dozen men to carry.

Soon after she arrived, however the new bride overheard Blenkinsopp’s servants talking about her new husband’s boast. She devised a test to determine if her husband really loved her, or if he loved only her money. While Blenkinsopp was away she had her loyal servants hide the chest full of gold in a secret vault in the castle. When Blenkinsopp returned and found the gold gone he demanded that it be returned. His wife refused. Enraged, Blenkinsopp left the castle and she never saw him again.

Lady de Blenkinsopp waited for years for her husband to return, but he never did. Eventually she left the castle with her servants. She never really gave up on her husband, however as she is still seen at several locations of the castle searching for him. Legend reports that the Lady in White will haunt the castle until her gold has been found. It is not likely that she would have left the gold when she abandoned the castle, however; but treasure hunters are reassured whenever the spirit Lady is seen.

If you would like to try your luck at finding the treasure, the castle ruins, the surrounding village including 22 acres, 70 park homes, a Lord title and a public house with a ballroom can be purchased for a mere 1.75 million pounds. That’s a great deal for so much property—and don’t forget the treasure!


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