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Famous Haunted Places: Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room in Perth, Scotland

Updated on August 2, 2013
This is a photo taken from the surveillance video in the Tea Room.
This is a photo taken from the surveillance video in the Tea Room.

by Christine B.

The Curosteaz Vintage Tea Room is located on St. John’s Place in Perth, Scotland. The building has been standing at this location for a long time and has been home to many different shops during its lifetime.

The present owner, Dan Clifford, suspected something was “afoot” in the tea room after his employees reported unexplained events occurring. Some of the things that have been witnessed in the building are: chairs moving on their own, unexplained sounds and noises, cold spots and the employees being pushed by unseen hands and there’s the photo of the spirit.

Mr. Clifford installed a motion-sensitive infrared security camera in the dining room to find out if someone was playing a gag on his employees. What he saw on the recordings shocked him. the camera captured a misty figure hovering above one of the tables. The fact that he knew the tea room was locked up for the night and that something had gotten in was bad enough but when Dan realized he could see right through the intruder he was really shaken.

Mr. Clifford called the local newspapers and then called in the Paranormal Investigations Scotland team to find out what was going on at his tea room. A few of the local mediums have also stopped by because they had felt a presence while walking in front of the building. They both told Dan that they felt the presence of a woman spirit, which fits the being captured in the photograph.

The Tea Room has gotten a great deal of publicity since this photograph has been published, so l am sure we’ll be hearing more about this mysterious specter. If you are in the area of St. John’s Place in Perth, feel free to drop in for some of their famous foaming coffee; and please let me know if you feel any unseen visitors while you are there!


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