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Famous Haunted Places-Haunted Hollywood

Updated on March 10, 2011

Do you suppose celebrities are as famous after they die as they are while alive?  Probably not.  Is it any wonder some don’t want to move on?  There have been numerous reports of celebrity spirit sightings.  The spirits of Marilyn Monroe, George Reeves (the first TV Superman), Ozzie Nelson, Clifton Webb, Jean Harlow, Harry Houdini, Carol Lumbard, Liberace, Clark Gable, and yes, even Elvis (He really is dead because people have seen his ghost!) have all been reportedly seen by many credible witnesses.

Marilyn Monroe has been seen in many locations, one being at the Cal Neva restaurant in Nevada, along with its former owner, Frank Sinatra.  Marilyn’s spirit has also been reported at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It’s fitting that her spirit has been seen reflected in a mirror that used to be in a room that she frequented while she was still alive.  She must have had some happy memories there for her spirit to still be lingering. Marilyn Has also been seen at LA’s Westwood Memorial Cemetery near her tomb.

The young actor, Heath Ledger died in a tragic accidental medication overdose in 2008.  After his death his former fiancé, Michelle Williams has seen him in her room moving furniture.  Michelle also reported that he has visited her to apologize for not being around to help her
raise their daughter, Matilda.  Hopefully he was also at the recent award ceremonies where he won awards for his last performance. 

The first TV Superman, George Reeves, committed suicide in 1959, or so it seemed at the time.  The death by gunshot wound to the head was in question because Mr. Reeves was                                      reportedly having an affair with a married woman whose husband had gang member ties.  Dangerous activity, even for Superman.  His former home in Beverly Hills is reportedly haunted by the former superhero.  Maybe he is outraged that his death was never avenged.   Being wrongly accused of committing suicide might make any spirit a bit testy.

No one who has ever seen the Ozzie and Harriet Show would consider Ozzie Nelson a scary personality.  The people who are now living in the Nelson’s former home have reported experiencing many sightings of Ozzie. Instead of him having the jovial personality he had in life, Ozzie seems to be depressed when seen.  He also likes to turn lights and water faucets on and off.  Since the TV star lived with his family in the house for over 25 years, it’s understandable why he wouldn’t want to leave. 

Harry Houdini, although he debunked many 19th century mediums and spiritualists, is said to still reside in his home in the Hollywood Hills.

If there ever would be a Hollywood celebrity who would come back to haunt, Orson Welles would be that celebrity. And it probably doesn’t surprise anyone that his spirit is most often seen at his favorite restaurant, Sweet Lady Jane’s in Hollywood.  Mr. Welles has been seen by Employees and patrons sitting at his favorite table dressed in the black cape that was his regular dress in his later years.  Not only is His spirit seen, but witnesses have also reported smelling the smoke from his cigars and his favorite brandy.  Nice to know that he’s still able to enjoy these things in the dimension where he now resides.

Actor Clifton Webb is reported to haunt two locations… his former home in Beverly Hills and the hallway in the mausoleum at the Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery where he is interred. His spirit has been seen in both locals as though he is undecided on which place he likes best.

Everyone loved Lucille Ball.  She made us all laugh for many years, until her death in 1989.  The home where she was living at the time of her death has reported unexplained broken windows, loud phantom voices heard in the attic and furniture being moved around mysteriously.  It’s comforting to know that Lucky is still with us, and not only on reruns.

Okay, fans, Elvis is not alive and well and living in a back section of his Graceland home…but that doesn’t mean he ever left it. Not only has his spirit been seen at Graceland, but he has also been seen back stage at the Las Vegas Hilton dressed in one of his famous white sequined suits.  Visitors to the Heartbreak Hotel have witnessed the King in the lobby and have reportedly taken a photograph of him there.  Elvis’ ghost has also been reportedly seen in the building that was once the home of RCA records, where he recorded his hit “Heartbreak Hotel.”   Perhaps so many fans believe that Elvis is still alive because his spirit has been seen in so many different places.  A King on Earth would not necessarily be a King in the afterlife so perhaps he can’t bare to give up his throne on Earth.

Jean Harlow was an actress in the 1930s.  She and her husband movie director, Paul Bern lived in Benedict Canyon in California. Reports of Paul beating Jean were common when they were both alive.  Two years after they were married Bern committed suicide in the house. Jean died five years afterwards (only in her twenties) from kidney failure. Is it any wonder that their former home is now haunted by them both?  The new owners of the home report seeing both Jean and Paul in their former bedroom.  It seems the house itself has picked up and held the negative energy that was dispensed in the 30s.  Since Jean and Paul left the home, two people have drowned in their pool and another previous owner was killed. 

It’s not surprising that so many stars find it difficult to move on to their next lives… what are the changes that they will be famous again?  As long as they don’t move on, they will remain famous forever.



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    • Christine B. profile image

      Christine B. 6 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      Ha-Ha--not creepy, Mary, interesting. One cannot be a paranormal investigator if they think any of this sort of thing is creepy. :o)

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Mary 6 years ago

      That's creepy!