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Famous Haunted Places: Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, California

Updated on December 30, 2013

by Christine B.

The Hollywood Roosevelt has had a long history in the Los Angeles area. The building of the hotel was financed in part by Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford in 1927. The hotel was the location for the first and second Academy Awards, before they were televised.

The spirits in the hotel were quiet until 1984 when the building went through a 12 million dollar restoration.

In 1952 the hotel was the home of Montgomery Clift in room 928 while he filmed, “From Here to Eternity.” The room is believed to be haunted by the actor. His apparition has also been witnessed pacing up and down the hallway of the 9th floor. Clift was a trumpet player and the sounds of him practicing his trumpet have also been heard on that floor. Employees report that when working on the 9th floor they have felt cold spots, the feeling that they were being watched by an unseen entity and have even felt someone walking beside them as they walk down the hallways on that floor.

Guests who have stayed in room 928 have also reported strange activity. One lady swears that she was patted on the shoulder while in bed. Popular psychic, Peter James also stayed in room 928. He reported that he was awakened in the middle of the night by a heavy weight on his body. Hours afterward he saw an apparition of a man. The apparition was sitting on a chair in the room not far from the bed. It then rose up, moved toward the bathroom, and then disappeared.

Actors and married couple, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard often stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Carole was killed in a plane crash in 1942. They always stayed in a suite of rooms on the 12th floor of the hotel, and that is where her spirit is often seen by employees and guests.

The mirror that used to hang in suite 1200, also on the 12th floor, is infamous for reflecting the image of Marilyn Monroe. Many employees have seen her reflection in this mirror when they cleaned that room.

The mirror is presently on display in the lower elevator foyer. Many guests have also seen and felt Marilyn go by them in the hallways of the Roosevelt. At times her apparition is so apparent that she is believed to be a solid person until she disappears before their eyes.

Marilyn is not the only deceased movie star that has been seen in some of the mirrors at the Roosevelt. Many other celebrities have been witnessed reflected in mirrors by employees and guests that are located in several different hallways. And the ghostly reflections are not the only paranormal events reported at the hotel. The security guards have seen several spirits roaming hallways at night.

A male specter dressed in a white suite and playing a piano in the Ballroom was seen and heard by guests in 1990. When they approached him he dissolved right before their eyes. Two other ghosts have been seen in the Blossom room.

A spirit has been seen swimming in the pool early in the morning. Not only was this spirit captured on security tapes, but when a guard went to the pool to investigate, when he waved his arms at the camera they went right through the spirit that was seen on the screen and tape.

A five year old girl wearing jeans and a pink jacket with her hair in a ponytail has been seen and heard singing and skipping around the fountain in the main lobby of the hotel. The employee at the front desk thought this a bit bizarre because she was spotted in the early morning hours. When the receptionist called out to the child, she saw her vanish into thin air. The child has also been seen in other area of the hotel, including the penthouse library.

Cold spots can be felt throughout the hotel. In 1992 Peter James did a series of midnight investigations at the hotel and encountered this little girl in the Academy Room near a particularly strong cold spot. The psychic described this area as a “tubular shaft” doorway portal that spirits used to enter this dimension. James said that the little girl’s name was Caroline and that she is still at the hotel in search of her mother.

There have been so many paranormal events occurring at the Roosevelt that it would be difficult to enumerate them all. Guests are mysteriously locked out of their rooms on a regular basis. The hotel switchboard is harassed by calls from rooms that are unoccupied. A maid reported that she had been pushed into a closet by unseen hands. (I can imagine that they must have a high turnover of staff!) People walking by unoccupied rooms hear conversations coming from the other side of the doors.

If you have been to the Hollywood Roosevelt and have a story to tell, I'll love to hear about it!



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