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Famous Haunted Places - The Black Forest Haunting

Updated on September 8, 2013

by Christine B.

The Black Forest development is located in northern Colorado. One of the log cabin homes in the area is a bit more unique than the others because of this reported unusual paranormal activity.

Steve and Beth Lee and their family moved into their dream home in the Black Forest in 1991. The first year they live there was uneventful, but a year later strange things began to occur. Lights and appliances turned themselves on and off, orchestra music and the sound of chains rattling could be heard, shadowy figures began to appear, and the sound of someone running on top of the roof plagued the occupants.

Strange undetermined chemical orders made the family member’s eyes and throats irritated. Another inexplicable problem that plagued the home was property break-ins—sixty–two of them were reported to the police. The local police were called in to investigate the disturbances, but they could never find anything missing. In desperation Steven purchased and installed a video surveillance security system. It was a great idea until the alarms began going off when no one was captured on the video as being on the property. What the cameras did capture, however, were unexplained orbs and streaks of light, some with faces in them and glowing outlines of humans and animal specters.

In 1995 a film crew from the TV program, “Sightings” came out to the property to find out what was going on there. Their Thermal Imaging Cameras captured the presence of numerous spirits and the investigative team reported that there was a high level of paranormal activity at the location. They came to this conclusion due to the fact that many of their tri-pod mounted cameras were flipped to the ground by unseen hands, and two of the investigators actually felt as though they were being possessed by one of the negative spirits in residence at the home. One of these investigators also felt as though a negative energy was holding her down while she was seated at the kitchen table.

Peter James, a well-known psychic, visited the home some months later and reported that he felt there was a paranormal vortex in a closet on the second floor that was being used as a doorway from one dimension to another. Many apparitions have been seen reflected in a mirror in the area.

The Lee family has come to live with the many unusual activities that occur in their home and have made the decision to stay there.


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