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Famous Haunted Places: The Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, West Virginia

Updated on March 1, 2012

The Lake Shawnee Amusement Park is situated in southern West Virginia near the towns of Princeton and Spanishburg.The area has a long history of being haunted and according to the Travel Channel, it is one of the “Most Terrifying Places in America.”

There isn’t much left of the original amusement park now. A rusting Ferris Wheel and Flying Swing ride stand out as antiquated monuments to the park’s happier days. The park was opened in 1926 and ran until 1966.

In 1985 it was purchased by Mr. White. He had planned to build a housing development on the property until he discovered the park was built on an ancient Shawnee Indian burial ground. Over 3,000 graves were found scattered across the property. Since some of the rides had not been torn down, the new owner decided he would attempt to reopen the park. It took only three years afterward before the park closed its doors permanently.

The stories about ghost sightings began after the park closed permanently in 1988. One of the spirits that has been witnessed is that of a small girl who reportedly died in the park in the 1950’s. The child was on the Flying Swing ride when a soft drink truck accidentally backed into the ride and killed her.

In 2005 ABC came to the park to shoot an episode of their “Scariest Places on Earth” program. While the show was being produced some of the crew members refused to enter the park at night because of the creepy sensations they felt and unexplained visions they experienced there .

Many people have reported seeing swiftly moving shadows throughout the grounds. The Flying Swing ride seems to be a hot spot, as many have reported seeing the swings move of their own accord. Others have accounted the sighting of orbs darting around the same area. The sounds of wood creaking and doors slamming throughout the park have also been reported.

Long before the park opened there is recorded history of two Indian settlements on the property. They both abandoned the area for unknown reasons. Two hundred years after the Indians left the land, in 1775 a European settler, Mitchell Clay bought the property. In 1783 some children were brutally murdered by a group of rogue Indians. All of this history is likely one of the reasons for the paranormal activity in the area.


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