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Top 100 Famous Poets of The World

Updated on April 20, 2017

Top 100 Great Poets

Poetry is one of the earliest form of literature in the world. It originated in the form of folk songs – lullabies, work songs, war songs, spiritual songs, songs for children, songs of celebration, songs of dance, and songs of enjoyment- which were transmitted orally. It is believed that the first systematized and organized work of verse is “Rik Veda” in Sanskrit, one of the earliest Indo European languages, which was written around 1st century BC . It was composed much earlier. The earliest works of literature were collective communal creations and of communal ownership. The authorship was not mentioned in such works. The subsequent generation made changes in them and handed over to the next generation.

The custom of identifying the author with a literary work was begun only after the printing of books had been started and it was transformed into a means of earning income by selling them. Though many of the greatest poets of the pre - printing era had not won the fame and money in their lifetime, but they wrote for the sake expressing their untamed creative energy and talents.



Great works of literature, though they are written in different languages, they share many common elements which make them classics. The sad fact is that only a few of them have been translated and available in other languages.So they cannot be enjoyed by all. The translation of great literary works including poetry in the international link languages is very much necessary for sharing the gems of world literature. That has to be done by international cultural organizations and universities of the world. Poetry has the power to unite the people of all the nations as ancestors and share holders of a common culture and civilization.

The Top 100 Poets of the World is my favorite list of poets. It was prepared based on many of similar studies and my personal research. This is not a ranked list. Critical opinions and comments are welcome.

Top 100 Great Poets of the World

  1. Homer

  2. Kalidasa

  3. Virgil

  4. Dante

  5. Du Fu

  6. T. S. Eliot

  7. Alexander Pushkin

  8. Pablo Neruda

  9. Milton

  10. William Shakespeare

  11. Johann Von Goethe

  12. William Wordsworth

  13. Alexander Pope

  14. Kimiko Hahn

  15. Matsuo Basho

  16. Alfred Lord Tennyson

  17. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  18. Chaucer

  19. John Keats

  20. Dylan Thomas

  21. Percy Bysshe Shelley

  22. Sylvia Plath

  23. Emily Dickinson

  24. ohn Donne

  25. William Blake

  26. Sly Cheney Coker

  27. Li Bai

  28. Edgar Allan Poe

  29. William Butler Yeats

  30. Algernon Charles Swinburne

  31. Allen Ginsberg

  32. Kobayashi Issa

  33. Seamus Heaney

  34. Robert Frost

  35. Vladimir Mayakovsky

  36. Joseph Brodsky

  37. Andrew Marvell

  38. Anna Akhmatova

  39. Ben Jonson

  40. Sappho

  41. Mahagama Sekara

  42. Kahlil Gibran

  43. Langston Hughes

  44. Walter Scott

  45. Wole Soyinka

  46. King Solomon

  47. John Dryden

  48. Wallace Stevens

  49. Lord Alfred Tennyson

  50. Firdawsi

O N V Kurup

O N V Kurup, India
O N V Kurup, India | Source

51 Jayanta Mahapatra

52 Lord Byron

53 Louis MacNieice

54 Ezra Pound

55 Kwesi Brew

56 Meng Haoran

57 Lucille Clifton

58 Luis Borges

59 Matthew Arnold

60 Thomas Hardy

61 Ted Hughes

62 Maya Angelou

63 Rabindranath Tagore

64 Michael Ondaatje

65 Walt Whitman

66 Ogden Nash

67 Elizabeth Barrett Browning

68 Omar Khayyam

69 Hafiz

70 Ralph Waldo Emerson

71 W.H. Auden

72 Alexander Pushkin

73 Robert Browning

74 G M hopkins

75 Robert Burns

76 Garcia Lorca

77 Keki N. Daruwalla

78 Geoffrey Hills

79 George Trakl

80 Gwendolyn Brooks

Robert Browning

Robert Browning
Robert Browning

81 Henry Lawso

82 Robert Hayden

83 Robert Herrick

84 Nissim Ezekiel

85 Vladimir Mayakovsky

86 Robert Lowell

87 Stephen Crane

88 Stephen Spender

89 William Morris

90 Kumaran Asan

91 Stevie Smith

92 Paul Zimmer

93 A.E. Housman

94 Walter de La Mare

95 O N V Kurup

96 Theodore Roethke

97 Thom Gunn

98 Niyi Osundare

99 Gabriel Okara

100 Kofi Awoonor

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    Anshul kumar 

    5 years ago

    I like it so much .


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