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Updated on June 6, 2012

Pros and Cons Of Fanbox

Con One: Sometimes Payments Can Be Made Late

An annoying issue with Fanbox seems to be that they like to pay their bloggers later than the date they claim they will pay them their earnings. When a blogger cashes out their earnings, Fanbox claims that the money will be placed in their PayPal accounts within 10 days of requesting a cashout, or a check will be mailed within 10 days of requesting a cashout from the site. Sometimes the site pays right on time but there are times when they wait a little longer than 10 days to give bloggers their money. This can be annoying to some people, especially if they are wanting an answer to their question fast.

Con Two: Customer Support Can Be Slow

Customer support can be a little slow at Fanbox. There have been numerous occasions when Fanbox reps have been slow at replying to emails. Sometimes they take days to reply to peoples’ emails or questions on the forum. This is probably because of the volume of questions that Fanbox receives on a daily basis, so it is probably hard to reply to everybody’s questions within a short amount of time. It would be better if the website did respond to questions and concerns much sooner.

Pro One: Can Earn Good Money

Fanbox allows bloggers to earn some decent money. There are plenty of bloggers on the site that are making over a few hundred dollars a month. There are also people on Fanbox who are making close to a thousand dollars a month and then there are some people who earn over a thousand dollars a month. People who don’t believe this can go to Fanbox and check out the leader board. The leader board will give an idea of how much money one can make over at Fanbox.

Pro Two: Different Ways To Earn Money

Fanbox allows bloggers to earn money a few different ways. Blogging is just one of the ways a person can make money on Fanbox. A person can create a blog and then create posts for that blog. The more people who go to the blog and the more time they spend on the blog post, the more money the blogger will earn from Fanbox.

Not only can a person earn money by blogging on Fanbox but they can also make money by advertising their blog posts. A blogger can choose the amount of money they want to spend on advertising and then once the ad is approved, it will be shown on Fanbox. The good thing about spending money on ads is that a person will not really lose money when they advertise their blog post/posts. A person can also earn ad credits by categorizing and rating other blog posts.

Members of Fanbox can also earn money by “boosting” which is when a person invests their money and then gets a return back on it. Boosting is a great way to make back all of the money invested and then some. No matter what happens, a person will always make their money back and will make some sort of profit. It is a guaranteed way to earn some money on Fanbox.

Bloggers on Fanbox can also earn money by advertising other bloggers’ blog posts. This is a win-win situation for both the blogger advertising and the blogger being advertised, as both bloggers will make money.

Pro Three: Bloggers Can Gain Friends And Fans

Bloggers on Fanbox can get friends and fans. The more friends and fans a blogger gets, the more money they will more likely earn on Fanbox. Bloggers will find it easy to acquire fans and friends on the site. The more active a blogger is, the more fans and friends they will make on Fanbox. If a blogger can get listed on the leader board, then they will more than likely get a lot of friend requests and other bloggers will become fans. Getting on the leader board is one of the easiest ways to get friends and fans on Fanbox..


Fanbox is well worth writing for. Waiting for payment can be annoying sometimes but bloggers can really earn some decent money over at Fanbox.


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    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I have an invite available for anyone that wants to join.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      There is a great misconception of what the earnings mean on the leader board. If you are the average fanboxer you only get 4 to 7% of that amount because most are doing boosting and that is the % you get back from boosting plus the amount you owe on your "I'll Pay Later loan" (IPL). The % can change daily and most of the time it is 5%. My total earned to date is 95% from boosting funded by IPL. IPL is a loan fanbox lets you have at about 18.84%. So most of the earnings are going to pay back the loan and IS NOT PROFIT!

      They tie up those earnings for 90 + days. You still have to pay the IPL fee of 1.57% at the end of the month out of pocket until and if you earn enough at the end of the the 90 days.

      Some have put in there own money so they are getting the 4 to 7% without paying fees and so their earnings are closer to what they are receiving. Also a lot of what they earn is because they are good at blogging and placing ads. Most people don't have these skills and are

      stuck with loosing money by placing ads for the bloggers that are good at writing those blogs. Then their is IPL fees.

      The bloggers love fanbox because they have millions of members paying for there advertising.

      To me it is like the internet guru who tells you how easy it is to earn

      online. They make their money by selling you advertising, most of it is

      junk. Fanbox also is like a credit card company. They loan you money

      and charge you interest.