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Fancy Nancy Books

Updated on March 14, 2011
Welcome to the Fancy Nancy books
Welcome to the Fancy Nancy books

All About Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy books are a very popular series of books written for children aged 4+ .

The first Fancy Nancy books appeared in bookshops in 2005 and since then have gained a very wide audience, both with little girls and their mothers.

These picture books are written by Jane O’Connor and the wonderful illustrations are the creation of Robin Preiss Glasser. The very first book in the series spent close to a whopping 100 weeks on the New York Best Seller List.

This was seen as a fantastic achievement for children’s books and further Fancy Nancy books have also enjoyed the same level of success.

Fancy Nancy - The first book
Fancy Nancy - The first book

Fancy Nancy - The Original Story

This is where it all began with the very first story in the series. Fancy Nancy loves to dress up in her frilly bedroom and wearing her frilly socks.

She teaches her family all about dressing up and they all head off for a lovely family outing to the local restaurant. After a food mishap, Nancy is a little sad but her family pull her through and she is happy once again.

This is a lovely little story to read to your child and there are lots of beautiful pictures to look at too. If you are interested in finding out if these sets of books are suitable for your child, then this is definitely a good place to start.

Fancy Nancy and The Posh Puppy
Fancy Nancy and The Posh Puppy

Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy

Another example from the Fancy Nancy series is Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy. The story is about the family making a decision to get a dog.

Nancy is very excited about this prospect and believes that having a little fluffy dog will be a great accessory for one who likes to dress up.

However her family have other ideas as they are planning on get a very large, very plain dog. Read this book to find out what happens.

Fancy Nancy Reusable Sticker Book
Fancy Nancy Reusable Sticker Book

Fancy Nancy's Fashion Parade! Reusable Sticker Book

It is springtime and Fancy Nancy likes to dress up. Naturally she will want to show off her beautiful springtime fashions.

This will involve lots of flowers, butterflies fluttering around and the wonderful sunshine weather.

This is a great interactive book because there stickers that can be placed in different areas of the book.

You and your child can pick and choose where to put them in order to create your own designs for Nancy’s fashion parade.

For Sale – More Fancy Nancy Books and Accessories

If you love the books, you may be interested in finding out what else is available in the Fancy Nancy range.  Why not see which books you need to add to your child’s collection or take a look at the different dolls that are on sale.


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