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Fascinating Cats

Updated on February 1, 2013


They mesmerise me entertain me and astound me

They squeeze through small gaps

They silently approach and disappear with

the flick of a whisker

Did you hear him go

Did you see her appear

But they always know when it is dinner time

How many times have I fed him today

I have lost count

Must be nice to be a cat

Sitting there curled up and purring

The silent purr

The silk of their furr

So agile and graceful

A beautiful cat

They communicate through telepathy

and we worry they have gone

It was only us that felt fear

My cat knows what's happening

He talks in my ear

He sits bolt upright and looks at the door

There is no-one there yet

but someone won't be long

Do they have favourites

Who masters them

The cat has no master

Though they may pretend

Jealousy between cats is part of their game

My cats I love them both

but they are not the same

They come dressed so differently

One ginger and one black

One toroiseshell and blue

Colourful cats impeckable taste

Cats have moments but never lose face

They are bold in their mini assaults

The swipe of the paw

Their growl or hiss

At the neighbours door

I would much rather their wet nose

when they come close to say

You are my friend

Don't go away

Food some are fussy

Some are hussy

but most if you pick what

they like will

stick to what they know

A friendship with your cat

is one that will grow

Clever Cats

Do you think cats are telepathic?

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