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A Dream World: Fantasy Or Reality??

Updated on April 5, 2014

As a child, fantasy and sci-fi movies was the best thing ever run on television, but as i grew up one thing stuck to my head: Dreaming a Fantasy World. It wasn't an escape of reality but an outdoor to a perfect world...Imagination runs beyond words to make known a truth you always imagine.....

A World Beyond Words...

Many of us dream of a beautiful world that has inhabitants of our choice, natural weather and love beyond perception. But how do we drift into the magical world we create? It may not seem a pretty good idea about going in a world and not finding a road that leads back, but it would help us cheer our mood and let us fly to a different space....

Shifting attention to the BBC growing up, i wondered what else could the world have in store for people? So many Stupid issues across the world, dreaming was the only option i could use. So i started dreaming to see the innocence of life.

I dreamt of a world where life was Holy, life was a Strawberry ice cream with brighter skies, no slaves,no products sold for profit that enslave or addict people. I dreamt every kid was well fed, well loved and well educated. A world where we really use our talents not just to make a few rich but to enrich our communities and make life generally better. A world where power is not enforced at the end of a gun or by the power to withdraw someone's livelihood or where the loudest or most connected person with access to the British strength wins the debate and steers the ship.

Thinking beyond our Expanse

A world with Sunny Skies and Unicorns, Green grass and never aging plants. My World as i imagine would never be dark and no evil would reside, The world could be Strawberry ice cream with pink seas,but never stormy. The world would have alot of trees, but there is no one who cuts them. People would live happily and peacefully.

Speaking of which have you ever come across a Deja-Vu situation? Well, ask me! I have. Sometimes i recall seeing the person somewhere but where?? The other day i read a blog that people were having commotion strike because of the clash between Reality and Dreams. Is that true?

Dreams and Reality are merging. What differentiates this reality from that of a dream? And when the two become indistinguishable? For the aware out there I'm sure they've noticed 'glitches' in reality or situations taking place that only happen in dreams. But are these events becoming more and more popular? Or are there simply more people identifying them?
Have you ever really wondered why you don't realize you're in a dream(most) regardless of how nonsensical it is?

The most insensitive part of dreaming your world would be it being a childish issue, when i know that many adults out there still live in fantasy.When God inspires and stretches your imagination, you begin to think bigger than you have ever thought before. You enlarge your thoughts to believe the impossible. Your desire begins to grow even for what people seem like a pipe dream.

What can a person's mind imagine? Beyond what can it stretch? A world envisioned to open a door of Rhinestones and Gold...

Awaken Yourself to a Dream World

I suggest you go on a journey by simply thinking of a possible world you could have. Embark on a journey to think bigger than you have thought before, awaken the dreams that have been buried for too long, start imagining and let go of fear but hold on to faith...

You could fulfill your dreams yourself by abandoning the stories of limitations imposed on you.
If you can abandon the need for the kind of security your parents provided when you were an infant, and accept full responsibility for your own life, you could get on with what your dream world would provide you. But the main objective to stay strong is that never let go of the Holy God who has inspired you to dream big!! He doesnt abandon the ability to dream a perfect world for yourself but in fact encourages you to hope for the better.

Though this would be calling it my dream world, I sincerely wish that our world would one day become a place filled with love and harmony rather than what today happens across the globe. We need to guide the coming generation and we have the equal responsibility of showing them the right path in life. Though this is my dream world, I would love the frameworks of Reality a bit. Loving God and making him a guide to my world enhances my life to live peacefully.

Dreaming a Dream World is worth dreaming. Don't make it go to waste, start living a life you always dreamt of, I'm sure you could come up with a lot of insights and imaginations of what your world would be.


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    • PeterDame profile image

      PeterDame 3 years ago

      Ofcourse i shall post some, hoping to meet you someday Suzanne, love UAE and Love your Articles.

    • Suzanne Lobo profile image

      Suzanne Lobo 3 years ago from UAE

      Thank You very much PeterDame and welcome to Hubpages. I hope to read some of your hubs too. Do try posting some. Thank you once again.

    • PeterDame profile image

      PeterDame 3 years ago

      Awesome! just unimaginable how you get into people's thoughts. love love this article. keep writing alot more Suzanne. #YourAwesome