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About Harry Potter

Updated on May 4, 2017

Have you read the first harry potter sorcer stone and the first three books

I read the first three harry potter books and even brought the chocolate frog and the beanie jelly. The books are interesting has a mystery to the topic.

About a young wizard who is taken to a hogarts wizardry school away from his famliy to become a wizard, while he was there he finds out that valmodore killed his parents and his scare on his forehead hurts whenever trouble is going to arise.

Harry Potter Has a Cookbook

Harry potter stories has a cook book, would like to check it out soon. Busy reading books from library and have a whole library to myself.

There are seven harry potter collection of books and the newer books

There is seven collection of harry potter and his newer books. You got to remember the text of the books on the story on harry potter each level is written on a childish level until you get deeper into the other levels, so the text may be a alittle choppy until the characters get older, but you can always watch the movie and read the book next and then look up the synapsis about the story.


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