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Fated Strings

Updated on October 14, 2015

She used to believe in fairytales
and fated strings.
You know,
the ones attaching soulmates
together by their pinkies.
She used to wish on stars
and scatter glitter on her eyelids.

He used to study Greek mythology
and believe
that two humans were created together
until Zeus, afraid of their power, broke them apart
forever searching for their other half.
He used to wear a watch
and always be on time.

Then one day,
when she was looking at stars
and he was arriving on time,
they met.

The universe aligned
and their lives connected
and their halves were whole
and their strings no longer tugged


tears were shed, smudging glitter in her eyes
and lies were told, turning back time’s handles
and screams echoed across a parking lot
and suddenly

their halves were tearing
and pinkies twitching
and the strings of fate
became so tangled
and knotted
that no one could
tell what it was supposed
to be anymore.


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