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Father's Poems

Updated on April 13, 2015
What makes a Dad
What makes a Dad | Source

Poems for Fathers

There's a lot of poems written for father's on the net, and some of them are posted here as pictures or videos. However, the poems that I have are poetry for father's through the inspirations that caught me.

I choose to make poetry for fathers because of the the sacrifices they make for their family and for their children. Poetry can be funny, it can be sad, and sometimes it is inspiring.

Korean Drama Iljimae
Korean Drama Iljimae

The Phantom Thief

When the dogs are barking hard, I wanted to ask you how I can pass through them

When the mathematical questions were getting nauseous, I wanted you to teach me.

When life was getting bitter, I wanted you to be there for me.

When laughter’s were loud and everybody is smiling, I was looking for your smile.

When someone wanted to destroy one of your children, I would’ve wanted to know what you’d say.

Now that my life is a standstill, will you be out there making it for me.

Now that sorrow seems not to far away and that I could be attracting it, are you going to teach me how to dodge it.

Now that I should have been taking care of myself but failed, will you force me to experience it.

Now I see why I have to do it alone, not that you had to thread your path before as well but

Now I should be more like you, making it possible for me and my future …

A small puddle on a street, with a reflection of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland
A small puddle on a street, with a reflection of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland | Source


I looked at the tight alley,

Hoping that we chance on each other

So that you will hold my hand

While we walk past this puddle.

The puddle stops me at the side of the road.

I panicked to move to the middle of the road

For passing cars could hit me.

I looked again at the opening.

Hoping that my reservations have reached your spirit.

Run to me now and help me overcome

My inaptitude to make a leap

The Return of Superman
The Return of Superman

Guardian Angel

At the A shaped boondock you stood

At the middle of its opening

Staring like an eagle

You watch with your eyes

People who do bad to me and

Carry their souls for beating

You hold them up in the

Steep mountains, no stairs

Or way down.

You hold my soul sometimes

To give me a lesson.

You are the holder of my sins.

Sometimes you are with me

During treacherous moments,

Driving away evil souls.

Giving them signs to move away.

Sometimes we fly miles and miles

Away in the Cordilleras.

Health and long life was your advice.

A Humble Worker

Planet Lover
Planet Lover | Source

Papa's Poem

Fear not my words for they are not for me

Your path, I donot know

Learn to decide from the mistake that I had

I only see it, like the mentor that I had

Learn to see opportunity to the things that I say

I just want you to be helpful to people

My words come not empty when I am with you

Make things for your life

All of us will walk this life.

I ask you to think of us before you do wrong

I don’t know how I’m going to give another good for you

I’m glad to see you home and not giving up

I am doing everything for you, not minding myself

I’ll cook your good so that you can relax

No jokes come out when we see each other

Make something out of yourself, or I may lose my balance.

A Fathers Poem to His Daughter on Her Wedding

the father expresses his love to her daughter and bid her best wishes on her wedding. He asked that they be blessed with a daughter as well.

def jam -- knock knock by daniel beaty

A Fathers Day Poem for a Beloved Dad

© 2015 Warren Fianza


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    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 

      3 years ago from Reno NV

      Thank you for sharing these well written poems. Jamie


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