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Poem of a Sad Parent: Questions I Ask Today, They will Ask Tomorrow

Updated on May 2, 2012

Once there was a man, a good family man

Spent every penny, hard earned for his sons

Showing them the world the best way he can

Gave them everything even his own dreams undone.

“From seeds now have leaves and branches that waves

Independently in air, in my garden young trees bears

Wish I gave my best for I wanted them to be the finest,”

Undoubtedly you did, his loving wife whispered.

Love for his children, hardship is nothing

Bitterness awaits them, without their knowing

Now he’s an elder, expect love and their care

From His offspring, in their abode no one proffer.

“Are we a burden, worthless, in vain? What have I done?

Why can’t my sons give light to my weaken sight?

I held their hands in taking the first step of their lives

Why can’t they support the last few steps of my life?”

“Perhaps my children forget, don’t see my sorrow

My present today will be their present tomorrow

If I’m old today, they’ll grow old tomorrow

Questions I ask today, they will ask tomorrow.”

The only thing he’s thankful,

God gave him a wife, a companion

So good, so faithful, her love truly he treasure

Both were together steadfast in stormy weather

Not been a hurdle for their love

That strengthens them forever.


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