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Fear of Standing Still

Updated on December 31, 2012

Fear of Standing Still by Sean Rice

The Fear of Standing Still
By Sean Rice

Shell shocked eyes stare back at me
I shudder still at the memory
The obvious map, the road that you’ve taken
The running after crowds you’d once forsaken
The herd absorbs you quite happily
Content! You say it to yourself I can see
And you want to but can’t seem to awaken.

The last are first and the first are last
And the running in place can’t shake all the past
And the arms that enfold you deep in the night
Comes at the cost of the face that you might
Have once in the mirror thought to look at

The rabbit will jump down a rabbity hole
And lives through the looking glass without any goal
But the tea parties on weekends are often a killer
Cause the Walrus and Hatters will listen to filler
And let you believe that they have any tea
You once knew that they wouldn’t have tea

Run, my friend. Run! As fast as you can!
Maybe you’re quicker when you’re alone on the lamb
From the sound of the screaming you heard on that day
When you rolled to your death and not in the hay
When you lived the first day of dying

Empty lies the future ‘cause you can’t escape the past
You have a fear of standing still that keeps you holding fast
What is love you blithely wrote and never thought to ask
What you’d do when once you had it
When you’d much prefer a mask

It’s easy in between a choice and in a halfway place
A Dali painting in repose; a happiness with lace
You do what you want with no one to say
That they’d like to dab at your face
They’d love to dab the tears off your face


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