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Fearless Action

Updated on November 5, 2013


I have notice that when I was younger I was more fearless. In my mind all obstacles would be overcome with easy. Then as I matured and experienced my share of ups and downs, it really hit me that the only way to accomplish anything is this world is to remain fearless.

Many obstacles will give push back, people, finances, your self, and other life circumstances.

I wrote this poem to remind myself of who I am. Sometime we get hit so hard, it is easy to forget. I hope this poem inspires all of you to remember the time when you were fearless and return to your great self.

Note: Mark down the first letter in each line, read them and you will get the message.

I hope you enjoy.

Best wishes as always.


Finding the courage to stay strong in life,

Each one must have the heart to keep going.

Always we will win over struggle and strife,

Radiating love like the Queen and the King.

Letting their love and strength support the weak,

Each powerful person shines like the suns.

Sharing their time they encourage the meek,

Spiritually pure are these special ones.

Scribes will write of their daring deeds through time,

Singers will sing songs of their great glory.

Each fearless person puts a cease to crime,

Leaders like them will shine in the story.

Readily fearless friends fight for what’s right,

Awe inspiring are their great actions.

Each one a hero, who’s brilliant and bright,

For the fearless there’s no bad reactions.

By: Darrell A. Roberts


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