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Feathers of the Indian .......Poem

Updated on November 29, 2014

Claim to all the walk on the trail of tears
guess it don't make you one of them
You fight so well the warriors war
I guess we'll still be your friend

Little Eichmann sure is a terror on his trail
so too are you on yours
Maybe we're all regressing to our past
we'll all walk on all fours

A man is a real man if in "all that he does"
not in what he toasts
Let it be said that he can still just be
even if he coasts

Oh hell let him be an Indian let him
wear the coat of brothers
But what would he really want
if he had all his drothers

In all the claims to be native man
pull the coat a little tighter
Someone said he wasn't an Indian
but just an Indian fighter

This is written of the controversy that Professor ;Ward Churchill is or isn't really a native American after all ., in spite of his claims , in spite of whether or not it's even important , any attentions drawn to the crisis of Native Americans , I suppose is a good thing .


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