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Feeling very hard to live without you

Updated on December 17, 2012

It is hard to live

Feeling very hard to live without you.

Feeling very hard to live without you.

As I have seen you since that day.

I feel there is a very deep relation with you.

I feel myself nothing without you.

I feel very strange within my heart.

I feel as my soul is crying.

The ways expressing yourself are attractive.

I am very much impressed by your ways of expressing.

As you express yourself very strange.

I like your ways of style.

I don't know.

What happened to me?

What is going within me?

It is very hard for me living without you.

I want to with you a small moment of time.

What happened to me?

As I knew you before.

As I met you in the past.

You gave me so much love and respect.

Now, I am feeling very hard to live without you.

Today, I have seen you with me in my dream.

Such an excellent and beautiful moment.

I never forget that moment.

I will remember that moment always.

At that time, being you very far from me.

But I was with you in my dream.

Such a wonderful moment.

As, I was in heaven.

So, now it is very difficult to live without you.

What I do now?

Where can I meet you?

I want to you with me.

I want with you always.

But, I am so far.

I think this is only in my dream.


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